1. 26 Jul, 2020 18 commits
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      Merge commit '5b6210f6' · 879f7f12
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak/' changes from 98a5c946d6..afe94543bb · 5b6210f6
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      afe94543bb fix: dot-repeat the register used with "z" text-object #254
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak
      git-subtree-split: afe94543bb3bb95ef9ae2a58eebcbc17d69eb304
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      Merge commit '73294c5d' · 2aeb8ecc
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1/' changes from 2decf51f19..9d52746c3f · 73294c5d
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      9d52746c3f Allow more liberal curly-brace variable names (#46)
      9fdf92846f Fix compiler detection (#43)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1
      git-subtree-split: 9d52746c3f879aa1aca4deb46edd63823d76d89d
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      Merge commit 'c6e55325' · 46adc2ed
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete/' changes from 0f83788cb6..5c18aacf03 · c6e55325
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      5c18aacf03 Remove Vim 8.2.1066 support
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete
      git-subtree-split: 5c18aacf03e210a23800775bf3585f3735d00a30
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      Merge commit 'fdb4830d' · 08b8fa76
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp/' changes from 585143acbe..d93d97813d · fdb4830d
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      d93d97813d Merge pull request #543 from prabirshrestha/events
      e99893b118 fixed NotifySearch
      feca722b3b rename to 'search'
      381fc3098e remove ctrlp#get() and ctrlp#set()
      a9a001d0e1 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      04bd228102 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      d93b53ff5a Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      386012f79b Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      add8c7b5b6 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      3bbdfbe3c0 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      c347749336 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      2f689828ab Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      855b14ceb0 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      cc3c8977da Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      869a31c657 undo line changes
      4dc9de3ed7 implement ctrlp#set(lines) ctrlp#get() ctrlp#update()
      c51ecaeef8 add 'change' event and ctrlp#input() instead of 'event'
      32812289cb add e:type == 'init' example
      45b5c4dd74 add createEventContext and notifyEvent
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp
      git-subtree-split: d93d97813dc839ef0782302a0debd7c4877f09f3
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      Merge commit '5b3d4060' · 1421b293
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive/' changes from 0e35c9bbc7..1da7c133b1 · 5b3d4060
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      1da7c133b1 Recommend :Git log over :Gclog
      27a5c3abd2 Trigger OptionSet on automatic :diffoff
      03fa78141e Improve weird :Ggrep --column quickfix title
      f1a75478cb Tighten syntax highlighting for SHA
      0646a53c6b Add Help: header
      d2abfca08f Refactor run loop
      e87fe092a2 Extract s:RunEdit()
      5d32f75289 Fix stash map
      caf3b1d569 Don't default :Git grep to --column
      f17a91d010 Provide completion relative to working directory
      5dfe8581ca Extract :Ggrep/:Glgrep wrapper function
      92ad06f70d Use parameterized Git dir when completing heads
      05bbfcd0dc Remove commit entry from :{range}Glog
      85e2c73830 Favor :Ggrep over :Git grep
      f5391f0bfc Fix race condition resuming job after editor invocation
      53dd9b3957 Encapsulate update-index --index-info
      792f51a58b Leverage Git config retrieval helpers
      a9bf9de61d Move Quickfix section under Git section
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive
      git-subtree-split: 1da7c133b109cd329060174a104e325e4d6bcc82
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      Merge commit '9d5d79c6' · d1dd9c3a
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-snippets/' changes from a18c2155dd..75e828ab92 · 9d5d79c6
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      75e828ab92 Elixir: Fix mirror of `defsd`, add `defs`
      bf94550e93 Eliminate Python encoding error on every startup
      64567da52e fix clojure snippets
      2a4beefc7d Add missing closing paren in useCallback hook
      3f805a0101 add snippet for gitcommit co-author directive
      900bf93c66 Add use snippet
      2347d4b2da Improve generic support for some snippets
      f80f6426ff Add if-let and while-let snippets
      7f61b57981 Rename box snippet to boxp
      087d3e7c72 Add missing angle bracket for markdown Disclosure snippet
      25aee70abf Fix async function definitions to actually be async
      e2267a7fb5 Add UltiSnips formatted rust impl snippet
      a75c8eaec4 Add missing quote in src attribute of audio tag
      541f50ac92 async function definitions
      f1ae43d6e2 fixes useState hook in javascript_react file
      5332d404e4 add more Racket snippets
      63a72e1a30 haskell: removed repeated whitespaces
      ad4407f31b Add basic Svelte snippets
      dbfffb971b c.snippets: make argv modifiable
      0344b2dbce Add python snippet to assign attributes to self.
      15304b9439 added javascript_react.snippets file
      94b0aa4f9b added ejs.snippets file
      b62dfce844 Add Dart Flutter snippets
      bb3f87e444 Add Flutter snippets
      1ed162971d awk: removed empty lines
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-snippets
      git-subtree-split: 75e828ab9295b0b4cc475691ee3d7e484282b192
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      Merge commit 'fd90f896' · cf0f8117
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ultisnips/' changes from ee31ea1c7d..e83c82099d · fd90f896
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      e83c82099d Fix errors in state handling when switching buffers (#1229)
      e35158de39 Reestablish compatibility for python 3.5 (#1208)
      b5452954c5 Enable spell checking in comments (#1216)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ultisnips
      git-subtree-split: e83c82099d9bd43dc7895e3cb5b114ee5a2a07c6
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      Merge commit 'd57461f6' · c1f523f1
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/tagbar/' changes from 679a9d9ac9..d7063c7484 · d57461f6
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      d7063c7484 Reset window after jump to tag if zoomed (#625)
      56399f446c Document extra languages supported by universal-ctags (#621)
      fcabc99ca6 Add link to docs and how to open docs in README.md (#619)
      a36880be22 Prevent temporary window creation on Windows (#611)
      f1bea00e5b Merge pull request #610 from majutsushi/no-cache
      e8d127bf40 Catch error message from u/e ctags variants
      92752b89ce Add option to disable use of tmp file cache
      2a1486447a Play nicely with popup windows (#604)
      1e50ea8536 Fix license link in readme file (#599)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/tagbar
      git-subtree-split: d7063c7484f0f99bfa182b02defef7f412a9289c
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      Merge commit '05e9bef2' · 6b6a0da7
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-go/' changes from 0906172085..991197f379 · 05e9bef2
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      991197f379 update CHANGELOG.md for #2961
      f3a082c36a Merge pull request #2961 from peterstace/omnifunc_icase
      1ea46befbc Remove icase link in docs, since there is no corresponding tag
      8b0acbd37b Add omnifunc icase override setting
      dad052d7bc update CHANGELOG.md for #2960
      b6647f7803 Merge pull request #2960 from bhcleek/diagnostics/autosave
      5f102e7ece lsp: return current diagnostics when file is unchanged
      124b73da9a update CHANGELOG.md for #2959
      840a27c83c Merge pull request #2959 from mattr-/patch-1
      4dc1f0ff5e Ensure Neovim version requirements match
      7b439888bb update CHANGELOG.md for #2956
      44a270cd91 Merge pull request #2956 from wy100101/master
      20d976fea5 Update mappings.vim
      2c6bffb492 update CHANGELOG.md for #2952
      5d93026418 Merge pull request #2952 from bhcleek/doc/debug/commands
      989ff3108a doc: update documentation for #2948
      faa8bdb97a update CHANGELOG.md for #2950
      7ea7242314 Merge pull request #2950 from bhcleek/debug/check-stale
      4a4b7a8cbf update CHANGELOG.md for #2951
      8d1552cbc8 Merge pull request #2951 from bhcleek/lsp/definition-null
      2766de49d4 debug: warn when file is written after starting debugger
      14f368447a lsp: ignore nulls in definition and type definition handlers
      54a49ebd7c update CHANGELOG.md for #2948
      aaf5969118 Merge pull request #2948 from bhcleek/debug/responsive
      9bc2842a55 debug: refactor to make rpc response handling async
      75ffad527a promise: teach promises to handle exceptions
      f919e0c50d update CHANGELOG.md for #2943
      088343d50e Merge pull request #2943 from bhcleek/debug/signs-viml
      1d788f3407 debug: refactor sign management
      3c4c4cdea5 update CHANGELOG.md for #2932
      9bf04697b5 Merge pull request #2932 from bhcleek/debug/responsive
      e8b8d39b24 update CHANGELOG.md for #2944
      d3bfa19c06 Merge pull request #2944 from nstratos/use-generic-implements-mapping
      c741d55e1f Fix go-implements mapping using guru
      a330a518ab update CHANGELOG.md for #2942
      0354defe57 Merge pull request #2942 from bhcleek/lint/missing-close-brace-eof
      59a6135947 lsp: handle errors at EOF
      092e3aa06d update CHANGELOG.md for #2939
      48b70197f4 Merge pull request #2939 from bhcleek/package/completion/gomodcache
      4905afbfcb package: use GOMODCACHE for searching for completion candidates
      ac1fb5adb0 Merge pull request #2938 from bhcleek/fmt/test/goimports
      761d6d79c3 fmt: fix goimports test
      ab8bb56c4e update CHANGELOG.md for #2936
      905ed7ebd2 Merge pull request #2936 from WhoIsSethDaniel/fix_package_completion
      14a28a2bdc Look for packages in $GOPATH/pkg/mod/. Strip out version information placed in the path.
      5a7cecb0b0 debug: non blocking messages in Vim
      eb89837b83 update CHANGELOG.md for #2921
      fd63ba60a7 Merge pull request #2921 from bhcleek/debug/stop-on-exit
      8e8c0f20ac debug: use sign_getplaced() when possible
      6b2a24a7bd debug: handle sign place output variation
      802ee59f04 debug: refactor NextInProgress handling
      217e0b0a63 debug: make error messages more useful
      3df3e2d4fd debug: handle process exit cleanly
      79cd1ba4d3 explain why CancelNext needs to be called
      4ebfb5967f update CHANGELOG.md for #2930
      5db6da952e Merge pull request #2930 from miyaviee/add-key-exits-check-when-compare-lsp-file-versions
      d1574ccf8a add key exists check when compare lsp file versions
      3e992bfbf4 update CHANGELOG.md for #2902
      60cd21d836 Merge pull request #2902 from bhcleek/lsp/buffer-changed
      eb5995268f update CHANGELOG.md for #2928
      b807ca6f76 Merge pull request #2928 from bhcleek/def/reuse/winid/notnr
      ad54abdee4 def: fix buffer reuse
      33bf26891c update CHANGELOG.md for #2922
      734f737e26 Merge pull request #2922 from bhcleek/rename/gopls-by-default
      b66ba71e45 rename: use gopls by default
      b6c2efa78b update CHANGELOG.md for #2917
      9a8e76cdef Merge pull request #2917 from lvht/rename-root
      ab332288bc util: simplify go#util#Chdir use
      d6bf8c43c1 util: small readability improvements to util
      95ba4eb654 switch to the dir of the current buffer
      2fcd8b2062 lsp: send textDocument/didChange only when buffer has changed
      1dd6f955ac fix pr review
      9ba8161cac support rename all file for go.mod
      354774cd7a update CHANGELOG.md for #2913
      58f8a2ff3e Merge pull request #2914 from bhcleek/lsp/resolve-wd
      b43dc5d89a util: resolve module root
      e3bcc4ca13 Merge pull request #2909 from bhcleek/debug/str2nr-at-source
      ac85b4cd3d debug: convert strings to numbers at their source
      8e34cbad6e update CHANGELOG.md for #2908
      9fea0c6f8d Merge pull request #2908 from MarcoQin/master
      71633c41d4 update CHANGELOG.md for #2905
      ceb75d799e Merge pull request #2905 from bhcleek/lsp/remote
      d5b0ab89d8 update CHANGELOG.md for #2907
      c0e20c527f Merge pull request #2907 from bhcleek/completion/echo-go-info
      4280c439bf fix: RPC params of method CreateBreakpoint
      bec9b93969 completion: do not show documentation at command-line
      fb5b7dc7ed config: use remote gopls by default
      8e72eef0b3 update CHANGELOG.md for #2903
      2f6732c2c6 Merge pull request #2903 from bhcleek/metalinter/errcheck
      911b9a357e lint: enable errcheck by default for golangci-lint metalinting
      b4a0222d6e update CHANGELOG.md for #2884
      fd554ee100 Merge pull request #2884 from Code-Hex/fix/godoc_url
      9d76bb022e update CHANGELOG.md for #2900
      ce3e8bd278 Merge pull request #2900 from zhengkai/master
      0f33ac5001 remove g:go_doc_popup_border
      6e7a0bd86c chore: godoc border style
      9fa8d1edb2 update CHANGELOG.md for #2892
      a8b8003dbb Merge pull request #2892 from bhcleek/highlight/handle-exceptions
      843ca2351c Merge pull request #2897 from bhcleek/docker-caching
      dfaa55da1a update CHANGELOG.md for #2883
      f8fe1fde7c Merge pull request #2883 from swithek/error-snippets
      6c9531d4e7 update CHANGELOG.md for #2898
      52534b4985 Merge pull request #2898 from bhcleek/doc/gorun/wd
      b5f8fffab0 use the docker cache more frequently
      cd0ef866dd doc: document :GoRun's working directory
      7f68ff36a8 update CHANGELOG.md for #2895
      1105b62439 Merge pull request #2895 from bhcleek/term/warn-fix
      52b40130df term: fix warning
      d2165d67e3 update CHANGELOG.md for #2893
      ddff07bfe0 Merge pull request #2893 from bhcleek/doc/autosave
      cd23dcc7f1 doc: clarify how g:go_fmt_autosave and g:go_imports_autosave behave
      76caa3ac2b highlight: handle exceptions when trying to add properties
      7fef39e6ca Merge pull request #2886 from kinbiko/changelog-typo-fix
      4bba73b8c3 Fix link in recent changelog entry
      81e2558b64 update CHANGELOG.md for v1.23 release
      5732d1a335 use pkg.go.dev instead of godoc.org
      cfc3017257 snippets: add fmt.Errorf error wrapping snippets
      d8bbc29e83 update CHANGELOG.md for #2882
      c70ccdb376 Merge pull request #2882 from bhcleek/lint/vet/path-handling
      ff437ecd53 lint: interpret go vet's errors relative to the correct directory
      696ca666ec lint: correct go#lint#Vet tests
      05f691e501 lint: add test for go#lint#Vet
      ee16ce6da1 util: add go#util#Chdir
      620d285ff6 Merge pull request #2875 from bhcleek/lint/golangci-lint-is-awful
      aeddfbc2ff lint: adjust test for reverted commits
      4092fd0e5e Revert "lint: try to parse golangci-lint errors better"
      b2657f574e Revert "update CHAGNELOG.md for #2835"
      961642bc34 lint: add tests for multiple golangci-lint
      13af5df6a1 update CHANGELOG.md for #2862
      999dab020c Merge pull request #2862 from bhcleek/import/ignore-commented
      93d1b4438c update CHANGELOG.md for #2863
      a3a9fbbd24 Merge pull request #2863 from paukul/patch-1
      9d5b39a18f fixes errormessage when detecting a neovim version < 0.4.0
      64e8f47792 import: add test
      536cf81c48 import: disregard commented imports
      d5bc2aee70 update CHANGELOG.md for #2858
      52c65b8235 Merge pull request #2858 from bhcleek/imports_autosave/disable-by-default
      dc58a081e2 config: disable g:go_imports_autosave by default
      b1a9a96bac update CHANGELOG.md for #2856
      397997eabf Merge pull request #2856 from bhcleek/neovim/v0.4.0-required
      00096f2f6e plugin: require Neovim >= 0.4.0
      8cceae5c5c update CHANGELOG.md for #2853
      a9890914d5 Merge pull request #2853 from bhcleek/nvim/0.4.0
      df1eac5870 update CHANGELOG.md for #2854
      c5a046dc10 Merge pull request #2854 from bhcleek/docs/jump-to-error
      9492db5ba3 doc: update g:go_jump_to_error documentation
      6ac9bf8449 require Neovim v0.4.0
      b7edb21cc5 update CHANGELOG.md for #2852
      6d0d894fe0 Merge pull request #2852 from bhcleek/lsp/actions/keep-pos
      6bd1952bbc lsp: preserve the cursor position after text edits
      d71ad2d956 update CHANGELOG.md for #2848
      a51a6182f2 Merge pull request #2848 from bhcleek/lsp/fmt-and-imports/no-progress
      48afe6474a lsp: do not show status for formatting and imports
      075cbc81d9 Merge pull request #2846 from bhcleek/no-travis
      a759b392e3 remove TravisCI config
      d6f4680f06 update CHANGELOG.md for #2844
      e524fa5cec Merge pull request #2844 from bhcleek/cmd/run/term-wd-relative-files
      b351478a54 cmd: use absolute paths for go run in a terminal
      32704bf159 update CHANGELOG.md for #2842
      94ac6c7c4b Merge pull request #2842 from bhcleek/cmd/run/args/not-a-file
      97df26fdba update CHANGELOG.md for #2824
      f9d2ca1bad Merge pull request #2824 from bhcleek/term/early-deletion
      2570b89e5b term: warn when the working directory is removed
      6cbb292880 cmd: do not expand non-file arguments to :GoRun
      ee863a9b78 update CHANGELOG.md for #2843
      db6c48e293 Merge pull request #2843 from bhcleek/doc/term_enabled
      9d73ce5036 doc: update terminal options documentation
      07869cdfb0 update CHANGELOG.md for #2839
      34d94eadc0 Merge pull request #2839 from bhcleek/lsp/doc/null
      de1a8ca822 lsp: handle a null hover result for documentation
      c9f97c83c2 Merge pull request #2837 from bhcleek/tests/no-viminfo
      7ab5c718d3 disable viminfo in tests
      af951d9b34 update CHAGNELOG.md for #2835
      2880123a98 Merge pull request #2835 from bhcleek/lint/golangci-lint-is-inconsistent-and-undocumented
      38ebb28890 lint: try to parse golangci-lint errors better
      3c68cba465 update CHANGELOG.md for #2822
      82a5ed6a66 Merge pull request #2822 from bhcleek/lsp/doc
      b639fb48a1 remove gogetdoc
      53bb2d653b doc: use gopls to get link for :GoDocBrowser
      64458ac220 doc: respect arguments to :GoDocBrowser
      f935649819 update CHANGELOG.md for #2833
      2a95c3507e Merge pull request #2833 from bhcleek/golint/clear
      7dcb533ed2 lint: clear the quickfix window when linting passes
      e1436c20fa update CHANGELOG.md for #2832
      1cfea68702 Merge pull request #2832 from eddiezane/ez/fix-doc
      ab3dda97c0 Fix typo in doc
      6dfba509a4 doc: use gopls for getting documentation under the cursor
      4da6c80845 lsp: use structured hover content
      b995086646 Merge pull request #2826 from bhcleek/github-actions
      d8254a9251 add github action to test and lint
      08d131b8b6 term: handle buffer/directory deletion on exit
      8fd4c4a766 Merge pull request #2825 from bhcleek/neovim/lsp/exit-error
      6e5f8fe80f ignore invalid channel ids when stopping gopls
      124c7b7f7a update CHANGELOG.md for #2821
      80943242fa Merge pull request #2821 from bhcleek/gopls/local-imports
      bb5822c739 lsp: add suppport for gopls' local option
      e44647460e update CHANGELOG.md for #2820
      abea9f0104 Merge pull request #2820 from bhcleek/analysis-options
      e2995a42cc add an option to control gopls' analyses config
      766d778f62 update CHANGELOG.md for #2817
      c9765cc32a Merge pull request #2817 from bhcleek/cmd/run/debug
      adda601d01 update CHANGELOG.md for #2818
      918d475138 Merge pull request #2818 from bhcleek/run/abspath
      ecabf14ac7 run: fix command output
      fd75f3b2ac run: transform file arguments to absolute paths
      6ab6fd2f74 update CHANGELOG.md for #2800
      785f5855f1 Merge pull request #2800 from bhcleek/fmt/imports-on-save
      5203113dd6 clarify a message in CHANGELOG.md
      2b8a3f6db1 update CHANGELOG.md for #2810
      dab3d365c8 Merge pull request #2810 from bhcleek/lint/preserve-errors
      cb1206b27c lint: allow errors to be cleared on save
      5bc5315780 lint: fix function reference
      c074280f70 update CHANGELOG.md for #2804
      3ad8780320 Merge pull request #2804 from andyjack/gogetdoc-chdir
      cf0c43eaca adjust imports on save
      0a4295dab2 update CHANGELOG.md for #2805
      0ba3095737 Merge pull request #2805 from bhcleek/lsp/not-readable-ok
      f311bc8108 lsp: send sync messages when files don't exist
      eff935469e Run gogetdoc in the dir containing the file
      d2e82b50a8 update CHANGELOG.md for #2803
      41bcfb0107 Merge pull request #2803 from bhcleek/test-text-edits
      5bbf43ba02 lsp: fix TextEditAction handling
      8273d532a2 lsp: test text edits
      ba3713aa05 update CHANGELOG.md for #2802
      58ab62097e Merge pull request #2802 from bhcleek/fix-apply-text-edits
      9c8f33242f lsp: handle text edit edge cases
      b3b0eb2f54 update CHANGELOG.md for #2799
      e1f31a6753 Merge pull request #2798 from frescoraja/fix_missing_argument_ParseFormat
      d72748bc3b Merge pull request #2799 from bhcleek/implements/fix-list
      9233d7b768 implements: pass the last argument to go#list#ParseFormat
      16eeab343d add missing argument go#list#ParseFormat call from s:parse_output in implements.go
      95373fb24a update CHANGELOG.md for #2796
      d076f0fa1e Merge pull request #2796 from bhcleek/fmt/goimports
      d86bd02c78 fmt: fix :GoImports
      e710d16a48 update CHANGELOG.md for #2794
      cd97995943 Merge pull request #2794 from bhcleek/config/rename-imports-mode
      7f6df0cfae config: spell g:go_imports_mode correctly
      45221d45c9 correct CHANGELOG.md
      4f8595613d update CHANGELOG.md for #2791
      8a8159b99e Merge pull request #2791 from bhcleek/lsp/imports
      24e6f2b622 update CHANGELOG.md for #2741
      2d9460e499 Merge pull request #2741 from woodstok/GoImplementsLsp
      5e39e42a34 lsp: small refactors to lsp's implementation for :GoImplements
      4b4e11b6df lsp: add support for using gopls for :GoImports
      32b3d07d4b Merge pull request #2792 from bhcleek/lsp/disable-instructions
      c4fded318b gopls: add FAQ and README bits about disabling and sharing
      057a63e420 update CHANGELOG.md for #2790
      77caa8897c Merge pull request #2790 from bhcleek/lsp/fmt/clear
      948066e227 lsp: clear list when formatting
      5f26c1adb2 Add support for gopls 'implements' functionality
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-go
      git-subtree-split: 991197f379d3bf5ca87a69e1dcbb40595fcd15e1
  2. 03 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  3. 29 Mar, 2020 2 commits
  4. 28 Mar, 2020 19 commits
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      go: enable terminal · 40e0202d
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak/' changes from 24e6c3f4cd..98a5c946d6 · d5eac4b2
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      98a5c946d6 doc: style
      08414770f4 doc: how to "disable" mappings #248
      7afd63b455 label-mode: support multibyte labels
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak
      git-subtree-split: 98a5c946d6dc76528b9d9b044059b5ef1fab5a48
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      Merge commit 'd5eac4b2' · 184eb1df
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1/' changes from 0b2509f210..2decf51f19 · 2b5e964d
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      2decf51f19 make compiler work under WSL and shellescape file path (#42)
      2008b24c1d add keyword lookup by PowerShell Get-Help (#41)
      7283c6bb25 Add compiler for running powershell scripts (#40)
      72de10080d Only highlight dashed-words starting with an approved verb. (#39)
      d11593b4a6 Make docstring Parameters less visible (#36)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1
      git-subtree-split: 2decf51f19834434e34f1a8d79056b7014120ca3
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      Merge commit '2b5e964d' · 7219d65f
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete/' changes from 5f3e213c62..0f83788cb6 · b9f7a7b8
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      0f83788cb6 Fix #615 README
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete
      git-subtree-split: 0f83788cb67e0743a3a9c8d3a3a6e52a01bdc6c2
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      Merge commit 'b9f7a7b8' · 983d2f58
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Merge commit 'c507bbc1' · 2ec75cc7
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp/' changes from 44c8e24956..585143acbe · c507bbc1
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      585143acbe Merge pull request #527 from ctrlpvim/fix-520
      aad415299f Fix #520
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp
      git-subtree-split: 585143acbe15f362852d78bd050baff3c12902d7
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      Merge commit 'd966cbc3' · ff3a0736
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-surround/' changes from e4c4cc0f81..f51a26d371 · d966cbc3
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      f51a26d371 Fix bug when closing delimiter is at line end (#284) (#285)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-surround
      git-subtree-split: f51a26d3710629d031806305b6c8727189cd1935
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive/' changes from 13fdeb5fa7..0e35c9bbc7 · b931c306
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      0e35c9bbc7 Fix typos in README
      9a4d730270 Drop support for :{windowheight}Git
      ccf582838b Fix some inconsistencies in help mappings
      d3cdb3208d Have remaining mappings use S:Map()
      4a24804adc Rewrite feature summary in README
      5ad42e307f Factor in 8.2.0239 when checking for job env support
      68f570ec38 Enable closing stdin by pressing CTRL-D
      12e43b62cc Don't use "Head:" header for commit under cursor
      ffd7042c15 Fix echoed line during :Gread
      dbc8d9a32c Fix list indexing bug
      e06005a742 Fix staging hunk that comes after binary file
      8388b6d0fb Use status headers for commit maps
      7ae214e445 Fix erroneous temp buffer on non-listing :Git branch
      3c3e6ea67b Support most top level Git options
      5d7516d3c1 Don't override alternate implementations of legacy commands
      8aaf744f2a Don't rely on rebase --autosquash shorthand
      d102dd92fd Fix :GRename ../
      9acced1409 Fix typo
      3bd69748c3 Remove remaining :Gsubcmd calls from implementation
      abb4a26c1e Fix internal documentation command references
      3e59a79e48 Move :Ggrep docs near other :Gcommands
      e84f023edf Remove redundant exists(':Gblame') check
      d0dceb9feb Change subtopic help tag style from :Git- to :Git_
      025151bc78 Fix deletion of trailing fold upon loading blob
      aada6479cf Use :Gsubcmd completion for :Git subcmd
      6b40e51008 Remove most uses of s:EchoExec()
      c452181975 Remove old :Git! temp buffer behavior
      430253c302 Drop support for non-PTY :!
      a5c921190a Override existing config values on :Git -c config.option=
      31629d8bd1 Use :read for :{range}Git! --paginate
      5a5a95b90a Tease apart bang and non-bang variants of :Gread
      87f998e15f Remove erroneous :Gedit! deprecation
      2acea41bef Handle custom Git executable for :Git --paginate
      c0aad3ac78 Update internal uses of :Git! to :Git --paginate
      8b83d6ec6c Use :pedit for :Git! --paginate
      efb1c8a29d Add - map for Push header
      9e4a5239ee Respect 'wildignorecase' when completing :Gedit
      349b18d373 Pull out s:fileignorecase()
      2e67f82b79 Refine handling of pagination via temp buffer
      a81ba999e8 Correctly treat config keys without values as true
      cb1300d751 Deprecate :Gsplit! family in documentation
      d10dc9ea93 Quarantine deprecated commands in documentation
      2401f1a7da Work around minibufexpl/autochdir induced error
      81ca98d7e8 Fix Trailing Characters, Invalid range error for :<count>Gstatus
      9bbbb65888 Add capitalized versions of non-standard commands
      9f69019424 Partially support :Git difftool on old Git
      98f67310aa Parameterize subcommand Git executable
      460664018a Fix typo --include-index to --keep-index in help
      0e6f72b005 Allow custom subcommands outside of Git repository
      e144a9f559 Extract helper for setting job environment
      df3ac9d278 Enable opening arbitrary URLs with :Gbrowse
      3c45ed0d13 Fix false positive on deprecated :.Glog usage
      a95972cefc Don't clobber alternate buffer on :Gstatus
      18582f4986 Remove deprecated C map to fix broken warning
      083f3c23cc Preserve existing 'scrollbind' arrangement with :Gblame
      9ecd6ebf92 Eliminate last temporary :cd
      3221cdfbde Support :Git -c config.name=value
      8e90d82eb4 Use --no-optional-locks for :Gstatus
      1c1014a046 Continue running commands on Vim exit
      268a9c1b8f Don't make assumptions about current line number when displaying commit
      fc0199555e Extend nvim carriage return workaround to ptys
      d926e3beb4 Try to wipe out temp buffer from :read
      40872a9555 Don't use job pty unless Vim supports it
      279d56eb47 Show unpulled before unpushed
      54b308eedb Revert work in progress changes
      655f7c92f3 Show unpushed and unpulled sections for both upstream and push
      477f26cf50 Include refs/heads in constructed push commands
      76ffaf4e7d Recognize pull.rebase=preserve in :Gstatus
      90b7d98b6c Temporarily restore User Fugitive autocommand
      4637aca145 Remove tags file warning
      cd7db1d57c Replace old public detection API with hint errors
      036fe0f084 Job environment variables are broken on Neovim
      22255613f7 Replace :Gcommit/:Grevert with standard job runner
      c989c1f59e Replace :Grebase/:Gmerge/:Gpull with standard job runner
      6b18f7b758 Remove :Gwrite in :Git diff
      8d6f9734c1 Use jobs for :Git
      4301c57f24 Extract helper script creator function
      7f22cc6167 Revert "Specify shell command, not wrapper, in b:dispatch"
      9d62c67737 Remove legacy autocommands
      71038e83f1 Try to use relative path for :Ggrep
      21ed533001 fugitive.vim 3.2
      29153d5ba1 Provide git config --get-all wrapper
      8d4b85ed09 Replace --format with --pretty=format for older Git
      708595d996 Fix comment typo
      dc6719e7b0 Fix :Gdiffsplit! help typo
      c48db08e4e Use appropriate slashes for :Dispatch working directory
      2ebdeef9e0 Change :Git --paginate from :terminal to temp buffer
      bc0b78ee84 Remove dead code
      5bcb42164e Specify shell command, not wrapper, in b:dispatch
      1a6934fc7e Fix FugitiveParse() return value documentation
      397fb99921 Provide FugitiveBlob style autocommands
      5b1213d0db Fix :Gmerge
      ae52b5a96a Better PowerShell support
      9f032ed040 Prevent alternate buffer change loading Fugitive buffer
      d428032600 Fix netrw gx in Fugitive buffers AGAIN
      c83355d5c5 Accomodate loading Fugitive buffers in popup window
      4732bb964a Generalize :Git environment variable overrides
      3e32a55619 Avoid false positives on rebase todo handler
      a65db6fcf8 Move :Gmerge warning to top level function
      305337a9c1 Begin phasing out :Git --paginate special case
      6a638f2392 Match "* Unmerged path" in mergetool
      6bc345f6f1 Map cmt to :Git mergetool
      def982ac4d Softly deprecate :Gmerge for quickfix conflicts
      5fe99dc5df Provide interface for subcommands to set execution options
      394c925381 Fix netrw gx in Fugitive buffers
      4074727343 Really fix packed ref handling in :Gbrowse
      cfa7bdc82a Handle packed refs in :Gbrowse
      ddd64fc4c5 Provide :Git difftool and :Git mergetool
      2bcf755c6e Run QuickFix autocommands on :Gclog
      295f41bbf4 Save diff context in :Gclog
      9ec6b55d03 Improve display of :Gclog --summary
      3604fab3b7 Fix whitespace in README
      6d011f1ea5 Improve :Gclog window title
      726fdf1c94 Support ...commit as HEAD...commit
      3bf602b13d Use underlying commit not tag for :Gedit tag:path
      3729c351e1 Fix unknown function error on Vim < 7.2.061
      7848779d3b Don't error if we can't :bwipeout
      b68b6d4329 Mention vim-phabricator for Phabricator browsing
      6d4564a05e Fix timer invocation
      5d37b17e34 Match Git semantics for GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES symlink resolution
      b48a572475 Use timers to avoid Vim patch 8.1.1756
      e1ab8fff09 Handle both amended and new commits during rebase
      d3a2bdbe2c Don't abort rebase after committing on last step
      42c6fd1440 Don't override explicit empty string for core.askPass
      671a85daba Fix erroneous ? escaping in * pattern
      6d9dd103c0 Fix false positive matching filename in blame
      3b1da8b217 Remove debugging function
      67efbf66e0 Don't fall back to pwd for Git dir of blank filename
      eed46c1f24 Perform automatic :diffoff on :Gdiffsplit /external/file buffers
      dc5320630d Provide explanatory error on :Gdiff ~
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive
      git-subtree-split: 0e35c9bbc78159318e7b7ffd228f09a96afb8fde
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      Merge commit 'b931c306' · 016edf0f
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-snippets/' changes from 5d259617f5..a18c2155dd · d0acbdae
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      a18c2155dd Add perl ddp snippet
      6bc21b994e Fixes: 'null == null' and performance improvements
      30fad6c2c4 C# Equals snippet added
      33f89dbf20 Javascript af afb snippet
      7e8a72c093 Javascript a snippet
      6e6b69fd5c Update Comment, Disclosure for markdown
      8eafafe246 markdown: add tb scripts
      28ad6344e1 tex.snippets: generalize \begin snippet
      66975121c7 Add pudbr for remote pudb debugging
      35067caeca Replace old logging functions in julia by macros
      2ee1ce0c02 Added julia test snippets
      b765719ce8 Update tex.snippets
      cca8bdc4df added process with reset snipped for VHDL
      56e5bb1046 Add rmd.snippets
      f0289e816c update r.snippets and add rmd.snippets for rmarkdown (copied from https://github.com/jalvesaq/Nvim-R/tree/master/R)
      bda7ca48e6 Rust: Fix description of function snippet
      71b30be001 Update snippet to include Render
      867f5cc995 Add snippets for new glossary items in TeX
      5279654b3e Remove undefined "pipefail" from shell snippet
      977cc05194 move cursor to end of snippet instead of newline (because normally you'd save and run your code rather than write more code)
      e3650624c7 fix formatting again
      38ab6663b9 fix formatting
      7224df39f4 Elixir - add piping pry
      f324a43a5f Add octave & pandoc
      2f653c1f36 Limit snippets to beginning of line
      a3e0ad0d0e Use standard triggers for switch(case)
      a8e89d40b6 Use standard triggers for while
      0856ec44ed Use VISUAL for shell control statements
      180d239935 updated Ultisnips puppet exec snip to reflect more commonly used fields
      3ba36bb710 Extend verilog snippets
      a7a7d4d2dd Guess class name from filename for class and module snippet in ruby
      c1d1cdce4f Fix hash syntax
      2d3c81cf32 Fix some rails snippets that were failing because of a closing brace
      7454ec49ea fix the `$0` issue
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-snippets
      git-subtree-split: a18c2155dd219edcb94dab573b005f40433fbc84
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      Merge commit 'd0acbdae' · 2dfd3d7f
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ultisnips/' changes from c309637e02..ee31ea1c7d · cae94c81
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      ee31ea1c7d Fix typo in doc (#1197)
      e910b4fb9e Fix identity check to content equality.
      6f39b0e915 Feature: implement choices (#1172)
      129d33fc34 Send the correct trigger key to _handle_failure() (#1181)
      a6c9d4fd1b Handle general case of MYVIMRC not being set in environment (#1173)
      bb760a5d8f Remove unnecessary print (#1178)
      96026a4df2 Expand shell variables in MYVIMRC. (#1162)
      4f4d500e21 Add a trigger for ListSnippets in repro environment.
      dc9d8f5e16 Replace boolean parameter to `jump` with an Enum (#1125)
      1027ef784d Formatting.
      c4bb89495a Normalize all paths before returning them (#1159)
      29068c5e79 Show better error message if no directory for snippets is found. (#1156)
      f9679e3387 Adedd stuff to Pipfile.
      3a8b0548b3 Do not use realpath in most cases (#1154)
      43b059bf1c Other triggers for the repro image.
      d36bdaf93d Added missing px.snippets import on example (#1151)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ultisnips
      git-subtree-split: ee31ea1c7d08ced8577120b4c1d55c5a05351a75
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      Merge commit 'cae94c81' · 153f4b8b
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/tagbar/' changes from a0f51bd5a6..679a9d9ac9 · 35c4fe41
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      679a9d9ac9 Block ProcessFile from processing unloaded or nonexistant buffers (#589)
      6dafb3dfe8 Merge pull request #308 from gryf/show_tag_kind2
      f3b76f9832 Fix for embedded interfaces
      175f5053a1 Add package to singular_types dict to make it work for Golang
      d864a44a3d Additional function for displaying type of a current tag.
      db6f884fc7 Update information amout contributors
      86ab45aba7 Fix document syntax highlight (#587)
      65e014e5a3 Revert incorrect function argument handling 'fix'
      2e952fb336 Fix bug in function 'put', was parsing wrong number of args (#585)
      bdcdd8d0d7 Fix argument handling bug in AutoUpdate function (#584)
      3bd3ba403d gotags: kinds support ```e:embedded``` and ```w:fields``` (#583)
      c876263e47 feat(dart_ctags): Support dart if dart_ctags is installed (#581)
      3753b235a1 Merge pull request #580 from jrc2139/gotags
      0a8a22e34d feat(gotags): override ctags for go if gotags is installed
      524aa93372 Add g:tagbar_show_balloon option
      ccc0d64e59 Merge pull request #575 from majutsushi/termencoding
      3c4c8af4b4 Test whether &termencoding even exists before use
      d1c3f516ea Use Reviewdog to run Vint for nicer PR feedback (#572)
      ce30e3f0d1 Fall back to using bourne shell if $SHELL is Elvish (#571)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/tagbar
      git-subtree-split: 679a9d9ac9579bd18225409d85ed4870fb6c9c62
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      Merge commit '35c4fe41' · 3f02895d
      Dustin L. Howett authored