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      go: enable terminal · 40e0202d
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      Merge commit 'd5eac4b2' · 184eb1df
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak/' changes from 24e6c3f4cd..98a5c946d6 · d5eac4b2
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      98a5c946d6 doc: style
      08414770f4 doc: how to "disable" mappings #248
      7afd63b455 label-mode: support multibyte labels
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak
      git-subtree-split: 98a5c946d6dc76528b9d9b044059b5ef1fab5a48
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      Merge commit '2b5e964d' · 7219d65f
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1/' changes from 0b2509f210..2decf51f19 · 2b5e964d
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      2decf51f19 make compiler work under WSL and shellescape file path (#42)
      2008b24c1d add keyword lookup by PowerShell Get-Help (#41)
      7283c6bb25 Add compiler for running powershell scripts (#40)
      72de10080d Only highlight dashed-words starting with an approved verb. (#39)
      d11593b4a6 Make docstring Parameters less visible (#36)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1
      git-subtree-split: 2decf51f19834434e34f1a8d79056b7014120ca3
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      Merge commit 'b9f7a7b8' · 983d2f58
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete/' changes from 5f3e213c62..0f83788cb6 · b9f7a7b8
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      0f83788cb6 Fix #615 README
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete
      git-subtree-split: 0f83788cb67e0743a3a9c8d3a3a6e52a01bdc6c2
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      Merge commit 'c507bbc1' · 2ec75cc7
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp/' changes from 44c8e24956..585143acbe · c507bbc1
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      585143acbe Merge pull request #527 from ctrlpvim/fix-520
      aad415299f Fix #520
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp
      git-subtree-split: 585143acbe15f362852d78bd050baff3c12902d7
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      Merge commit 'd966cbc3' · ff3a0736
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-surround/' changes from e4c4cc0f81..f51a26d371 · d966cbc3
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      f51a26d371 Fix bug when closing delimiter is at line end (#284) (#285)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-surround
      git-subtree-split: f51a26d3710629d031806305b6c8727189cd1935
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      Merge commit 'b931c306' · 016edf0f
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive/' changes from 13fdeb5fa7..0e35c9bbc7 · b931c306
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      0e35c9bbc7 Fix typos in README
      9a4d730270 Drop support for :{windowheight}Git
      ccf582838b Fix some inconsistencies in help mappings
      d3cdb3208d Have remaining mappings use S:Map()
      4a24804adc Rewrite feature summary in README
      5ad42e307f Factor in 8.2.0239 when checking for job env support
      68f570ec38 Enable closing stdin by pressing CTRL-D
      12e43b62cc Don't use "Head:" header for commit under cursor
      ffd7042c15 Fix echoed line during :Gread
      dbc8d9a32c Fix list indexing bug
      e06005a742 Fix staging hunk that comes after binary file
      8388b6d0fb Use status headers for commit maps
      7ae214e445 Fix erroneous temp buffer on non-listing :Git branch
      3c3e6ea67b Support most top level Git options
      5d7516d3c1 Don't override alternate implementations of legacy commands
      8aaf744f2a Don't rely on rebase --autosquash shorthand
      d102dd92fd Fix :GRename ../
      9acced1409 Fix typo
      3bd69748c3 Remove remaining :Gsubcmd calls from implementation
      abb4a26c1e Fix internal documentation command references
      3e59a79e48 Move :Ggrep docs near other :Gcommands
      e84f023edf Remove redundant exists(':Gblame') check
      d0dceb9feb Change subtopic help tag style from :Git- to :Git_
      025151bc78 Fix deletion of trailing fold upon loading blob
      aada6479cf Use :Gsubcmd completion for :Git subcmd
      6b40e51008 Remove most uses of s:EchoExec()
      c452181975 Remove old :Git! temp buffer behavior
      430253c302 Drop support for non-PTY :!
      a5c921190a Override existing config values on :Git -c config.option=
      31629d8bd1 Use :read for :{range}Git! --paginate
      5a5a95b90a Tease apart bang and non-bang variants of :Gread
      87f998e15f Remove erroneous :Gedit! deprecation
      2acea41bef Handle custom Git executable for :Git --paginate
      c0aad3ac78 Update internal uses of :Git! to :Git --paginate
      8b83d6ec6c Use :pedit for :Git! --paginate
      efb1c8a29d Add - map for Push header
      9e4a5239ee Respect 'wildignorecase' when completing :Gedit
      349b18d373 Pull out s:fileignorecase()
      2e67f82b79 Refine handling of pagination via temp buffer
      a81ba999e8 Correctly treat config keys without values as true
      cb1300d751 Deprecate :Gsplit! family in documentation
      d10dc9ea93 Quarantine deprecated commands in documentation
      2401f1a7da Work around minibufexpl/autochdir induced error
      81ca98d7e8 Fix Trailing Characters, Invalid range error for :<count>Gstatus
      9bbbb65888 Add capitalized versions of non-standard commands
      9f69019424 Partially support :Git difftool on old Git
      98f67310aa Parameterize subcommand Git executable
      460664018a Fix typo --include-index to --keep-index in help
      0e6f72b005 Allow custom subcommands outside of Git repository
      e144a9f559 Extract helper for setting job environment
      df3ac9d278 Enable opening arbitrary URLs with :Gbrowse
      3c45ed0d13 Fix false positive on deprecated :.Glog usage
      a95972cefc Don't clobber alternate buffer on :Gstatus
      18582f4986 Remove deprecated C map to fix broken warning
      083f3c23cc Preserve existing 'scrollbind' arrangement with :Gblame
      9ecd6ebf92 Eliminate last temporary :cd
      3221cdfbde Support :Git -c config.name=value
      8e90d82eb4 Use --no-optional-locks for :Gstatus
      1c1014a046 Continue running commands on Vim exit
      268a9c1b8f Don't make assumptions about current line number when displaying commit
      fc0199555e Extend nvim carriage return workaround to ptys
      d926e3beb4 Try to wipe out temp buffer from :read
      40872a9555 Don't use job pty unless Vim supports it
      279d56eb47 Show unpulled before unpushed
      54b308eedb Revert work in progress changes
      655f7c92f3 Show unpushed and unpulled sections for both upstream and push
      477f26cf50 Include refs/heads in constructed push commands
      76ffaf4e7d Recognize pull.rebase=preserve in :Gstatus
      90b7d98b6c Temporarily restore User Fugitive autocommand
      4637aca145 Remove tags file warning
      cd7db1d57c Replace old public detection API with hint errors
      036fe0f084 Job environment variables are broken on Neovim
      22255613f7 Replace :Gcommit/:Grevert with standard job runner
      c989c1f59e Replace :Grebase/:Gmerge/:Gpull with standard job runner
      6b18f7b758 Remove :Gwrite in :Git diff
      8d6f9734c1 Use jobs for :Git
      4301c57f24 Extract helper script creator function
      7f22cc6167 Revert "Specify shell command, not wrapper, in b:dispatch"
      9d62c67737 Remove legacy autocommands
      71038e83f1 Try to use relative path for :Ggrep
      21ed533001 fugitive.vim 3.2
      29153d5ba1 Provide git config --get-all wrapper
      8d4b85ed09 Replace --format with --pretty=format for older Git
      708595d996 Fix comment typo
      dc6719e7b0 Fix :Gdiffsplit! help typo
      c48db08e4e Use appropriate slashes for :Dispatch working directory
      2ebdeef9e0 Change :Git --paginate from :terminal to temp buffer
      bc0b78ee84 Remove dead code
      5bcb42164e Specify shell command, not wrapper, in b:dispatch
      1a6934fc7e Fix FugitiveParse() return value documentation
      397fb99921 Provide FugitiveBlob style autocommands
      5b1213d0db Fix :Gmerge
      ae52b5a96a Better PowerShell support
      9f032ed040 Prevent alternate buffer change loading Fugitive buffer
      d428032600 Fix netrw gx in Fugitive buffers AGAIN
      c83355d5c5 Accomodate loading Fugitive buffers in popup window
      4732bb964a Generalize :Git environment variable overrides
      3e32a55619 Avoid false positives on rebase todo handler
      a65db6fcf8 Move :Gmerge warning to top level function
      305337a9c1 Begin phasing out :Git --paginate special case
      6a638f2392 Match "* Unmerged path" in mergetool
      6bc345f6f1 Map cmt to :Git mergetool
      def982ac4d Softly deprecate :Gmerge for quickfix conflicts
      5fe99dc5df Provide interface for subcommands to set execution options
      394c925381 Fix netrw gx in Fugitive buffers
      4074727343 Really fix packed ref handling in :Gbrowse
      cfa7bdc82a Handle packed refs in :Gbrowse
      ddd64fc4c5 Provide :Git difftool and :Git mergetool
      2bcf755c6e Run QuickFix autocommands on :Gclog
      295f41bbf4 Save diff context in :Gclog
      9ec6b55d03 Improve display of :Gclog --summary
      3604fab3b7 Fix whitespace in README
      6d011f1ea5 Improve :Gclog window title
      726fdf1c94 Support ...commit as HEAD...commit
      3bf602b13d Use underlying commit not tag for :Gedit tag:path
      3729c351e1 Fix unknown function error on Vim < 7.2.061
      7848779d3b Don't error if we can't :bwipeout
      b68b6d4329 Mention vim-phabricator for Phabricator browsing
      6d4564a05e Fix timer invocation
      5d37b17e34 Match Git semantics for GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES symlink resolution
      b48a572475 Use timers to avoid Vim patch 8.1.1756
      e1ab8fff09 Handle both amended and new commits during rebase
      d3a2bdbe2c Don't abort rebase after committing on last step
      42c6fd1440 Don't override explicit empty string for core.askPass
      671a85daba Fix erroneous ? escaping in * pattern
      6d9dd103c0 Fix false positive matching filename in blame
      3b1da8b217 Remove debugging function
      67efbf66e0 Don't fall back to pwd for Git dir of blank filename
      eed46c1f24 Perform automatic :diffoff on :Gdiffsplit /external/file buffers
      dc5320630d Provide explanatory error on :Gdiff ~
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive
      git-subtree-split: 0e35c9bbc78159318e7b7ffd228f09a96afb8fde
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      Merge commit 'd0acbdae' · 2dfd3d7f
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-snippets/' changes from 5d259617f5..a18c2155dd · d0acbdae
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      a18c2155dd Add perl ddp snippet
      6bc21b994e Fixes: 'null == null' and performance improvements
      30fad6c2c4 C# Equals snippet added
      33f89dbf20 Javascript af afb snippet
      7e8a72c093 Javascript a snippet
      6e6b69fd5c Update Comment, Disclosure for markdown
      8eafafe246 markdown: add tb scripts
      28ad6344e1 tex.snippets: generalize \begin snippet
      66975121c7 Add pudbr for remote pudb debugging
      35067caeca Replace old logging functions in julia by macros
      2ee1ce0c02 Added julia test snippets
      b765719ce8 Update tex.snippets
      cca8bdc4df added process with reset snipped for VHDL
      56e5bb1046 Add rmd.snippets
      f0289e816c update r.snippets and add rmd.snippets for rmarkdown (copied from https://github.com/jalvesaq/Nvim-R/tree/master/R)
      bda7ca48e6 Rust: Fix description of function snippet
      71b30be001 Update snippet to include Render
      867f5cc995 Add snippets for new glossary items in TeX
      5279654b3e Remove undefined "pipefail" from shell snippet
      977cc05194 move cursor to end of snippet instead of newline (because normally you'd save and run your code rather than write more code)
      e3650624c7 fix formatting again
      38ab6663b9 fix formatting
      7224df39f4 Elixir - add piping pry
      f324a43a5f Add octave & pandoc
      2f653c1f36 Limit snippets to beginning of line
      a3e0ad0d0e Use standard triggers for switch(case)
      a8e89d40b6 Use standard triggers for while
      0856ec44ed Use VISUAL for shell control statements
      180d239935 updated Ultisnips puppet exec snip to reflect more commonly used fields
      3ba36bb710 Extend verilog snippets
      a7a7d4d2dd Guess class name from filename for class and module snippet in ruby
      c1d1cdce4f Fix hash syntax
      2d3c81cf32 Fix some rails snippets that were failing because of a closing brace
      7454ec49ea fix the `$0` issue
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-snippets
      git-subtree-split: a18c2155dd219edcb94dab573b005f40433fbc84
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      Merge commit 'cae94c81' · 153f4b8b
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ultisnips/' changes from c309637e02..ee31ea1c7d · cae94c81
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      ee31ea1c7d Fix typo in doc (#1197)
      e910b4fb9e Fix identity check to content equality.
      6f39b0e915 Feature: implement choices (#1172)
      129d33fc34 Send the correct trigger key to _handle_failure() (#1181)
      a6c9d4fd1b Handle general case of MYVIMRC not being set in environment (#1173)
      bb760a5d8f Remove unnecessary print (#1178)
      96026a4df2 Expand shell variables in MYVIMRC. (#1162)
      4f4d500e21 Add a trigger for ListSnippets in repro environment.
      dc9d8f5e16 Replace boolean parameter to `jump` with an Enum (#1125)
      1027ef784d Formatting.
      c4bb89495a Normalize all paths before returning them (#1159)
      29068c5e79 Show better error message if no directory for snippets is found. (#1156)
      f9679e3387 Adedd stuff to Pipfile.
      3a8b0548b3 Do not use realpath in most cases (#1154)
      43b059bf1c Other triggers for the repro image.
      d36bdaf93d Added missing px.snippets import on example (#1151)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ultisnips
      git-subtree-split: ee31ea1c7d08ced8577120b4c1d55c5a05351a75
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      Merge commit '35c4fe41' · 3f02895d
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/tagbar/' changes from a0f51bd5a6..679a9d9ac9 · 35c4fe41
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      679a9d9ac9 Block ProcessFile from processing unloaded or nonexistant buffers (#589)
      6dafb3dfe8 Merge pull request #308 from gryf/show_tag_kind2
      f3b76f9832 Fix for embedded interfaces
      175f5053a1 Add package to singular_types dict to make it work for Golang
      d864a44a3d Additional function for displaying type of a current tag.
      db6f884fc7 Update information amout contributors
      86ab45aba7 Fix document syntax highlight (#587)
      65e014e5a3 Revert incorrect function argument handling 'fix'
      2e952fb336 Fix bug in function 'put', was parsing wrong number of args (#585)
      bdcdd8d0d7 Fix argument handling bug in AutoUpdate function (#584)
      3bd3ba403d gotags: kinds support ```e:embedded``` and ```w:fields``` (#583)
      c876263e47 feat(dart_ctags): Support dart if dart_ctags is installed (#581)
      3753b235a1 Merge pull request #580 from jrc2139/gotags
      0a8a22e34d feat(gotags): override ctags for go if gotags is installed
      524aa93372 Add g:tagbar_show_balloon option
      ccc0d64e59 Merge pull request #575 from majutsushi/termencoding
      3c4c8af4b4 Test whether &termencoding even exists before use
      d1c3f516ea Use Reviewdog to run Vint for nicer PR feedback (#572)
      ce30e3f0d1 Fall back to using bourne shell if $SHELL is Elvish (#571)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/tagbar
      git-subtree-split: 679a9d9ac9579bd18225409d85ed4870fb6c9c62
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      Merge commit '10dff972' · d2fcf182
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-go/' changes from d4a9cc7246..0906172085 · 10dff972
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      0906172085 update CHANGELOG.md for #2785
      6fa4425f6a Merge pull request #2785 from bhcleek/run/show-command
      ef32ee3e5d cmd: show command in :GoRun when g:go_debug includes shell-commands
      ec5a7b1149 update CHANGELOG.md for #2782
      c3993c8180 Merge pull request #2782 from bhcleek/run/relative-to-buffer
      f2e1f9827a update CHANGELOG.md for #2784
      77bf4a7741 Merge pull request #2784 from bhcleek/uri/multi-byte
      bda950117d lsp: handle encoding and decoding of multi-byte characters in paths
      0e8aef56b6 cmd: use the local variable prefix, l:, for clarity and consistency in go#cmd#Run
      13a7fc2ffe cmd: execute go run in the buffer's directory
      50d52bafa0 update CHANGELOG.md for #2779
      898ebbd1e9 Merge pull request #2779 from bhcleek/lsp/highlight/after-save
      7a97d3a21b fmt: preserve gopls diagnostic highlighting
      60a39be65e fmt: add tests for highlighting gopls diagnostics
      f5d34f40d6 update CHANGELOG.md for #2778
      8896e575ff Merge pull request #2778 from bhcleek/lsp/handle-null
      3284455ba4 lsp: handle null and empty lists in infoDefinitionHandler
      0334ef40a7 update CHANGELOG.md for #2768
      877a56b2a1 Merge pull request #2768 from bhcleek/lsp/godef/windows/filename
      14382b346e Merge pull request #2774 from bhcleek/complete/remove-unneeded-tests
      c82133cd54 complete: remove obsolete tests for go#complete#GoInfo()
      dcb1c9e09a update CHANGELOG.md for #2773
      2f52c327db Merge pull request #2773 from bhcleek/lsp/logs/readability
      6d7981a167 lsp: output logs in a more readable format
      57940ec982 def: fix the filename passed to gopls on Windows
      52b66c0b12 update CHANGELOG.md for #2753
      00ef99278a Merge pull request #2759 from bhcleek/lsp/debug/preserve-order
      fc8e40b1a6 lsp: preserve the order of messages in the log
      cb2aafa406 Merge pull request #2758 from bhcleek/lsp/diagnostic/version-handling
      299712cfbe lsp: highlight diagnostics when version is missing
      6a04f1030d Merge pull request #2756 from bhcleek/lsp/tempModFile-conditionally
      94dac537f7 lsp: only set tempModFile when g:go_gopls_temp_modfile is set
      23a33e4013 update CHANGELOG.md for #2752
      ff3eeea1be Merge pull request #2752 from bhcleek/fmt/gopls/error
      5157c43864 fmt: show errors when g:go_fmt_command is gopls
      be888d7761 remove gocode reference in README.md
      6af52b33b3 update CHANGELOG.md for #2747
      88e9d31ba9 Merge pull request #2747 from bhcleek/gopls/config
      8ba49a1bcb config: add g:go_gopls_temp_modfile
      95ac618211 config: add g:go_gopls_options
      1bf0d57e01 update CHANGELOG.md for #2733
      32026717bd Merge pull request #2733 from bhcleek/autocmd/multiple-errors
      192265909d update CHANGELOG.md for #2746
      af0a13f194 Merge pull request #2746 from bhcleek/lsp/highlight-after-goimports
      0df29414a4 lsp: drop out of date diagnostics
      252602d546 update CHANGELOG.md for #2743
      d123284b9c Merge pull request #2743 from bhcleek/go1.14
      f92bfc3d9e update for Go 1.14
      4556030b76 Merge pull request #2742 from bhcleek/issue/filetype
      4b4757674e issue: improve automated issue template execution
      dc02b2192f update CHANGELOG.md for #2729
      7cc81b55d9 Merge pull request #2729 from bhcleek/lsp/format
      0aa7e02803 update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
      e1211dbfb8 update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
      fe9dab9cde preserve previous quickfix errors from formatting
      26c00294a0 update CHANGELOG.md for #2727
      a32f714748 Merge pull request #2727 from bhcleek/lint/homogenize
      f17b742691 update CHANGELOG.md for #2736
      10bf9a0ddc Merge pull request #2736 from bhcleek/term/sizing
      67e51d0725 term: fix terminal window sizing
      692f483793 Merge pull request #2734 from orlangure/fix-gopls-matcher-help
      ef356a841c Fix g:go_gopls_matcher variable name in docs
      9fd82541cc fmt: add tests for gopls formatting
      8a8824f609 fmt: add an option to format with gopls
      ca65507cf9 fmt: scope bin_name uses and assign it at the top of go#fmt#Format
      e88217e137 fmt: use errorformat to parse errors
      aeae2aca0b update CHANGELOG.md for #2728
      be6d52dea0 Merge pull request #2728 from bhcleek/lsp/config/matcher
      0c839eaad3 config: replace g:go_gopls_fuzzy_matching with g:go_gopls_matcher
      7d21c2e1ae lint: set progress and statusline for consistently
      936c7c3896 lint: homogenize vet and errcheck handling
      13c943aaad update CHANGELOG.md for #2726
      092da30975 Merge pull request #2726 from bhcleek/lint/errcheck/options-no-package
      c99b2f176d lint: execute errcheck using ExecInDir
      364a8cfe33 update CHANGELOG.md for #2724
      b8213ab989 Merge pull request #2724 from drichardson/use_COMSEC
      fd4baa7ee0 Use COMSPEC to find cmd.exe.
      b3c3b65853 update CHANGELOG.md for #2720
      5a427b9084 Merge pull request #2720 from bhcleek/lint/golangci-lint/moar-problems
      b865d5c751 lint: handle more golangci-lint output
      10f8fea26e update CHANGELOG.md for #2639
      9179a56193 Merge pull request #2639 from ldelossa/louis/vim8-term-mode
      e76a194a89 term: enable tests for Vim8
      1757165a9a update CHANGELOG.md for #2715
      0e74c13a58 Merge pull request #2715 from bhcleek/pr-2655
      1232d66069 lint: remove disable-all option if no lint is enabled
      636c7f5054 lint: improve golangci-lint interoperability
      25ab5d31c8 update CHANGELOG.md for #2706
      5ffaef81e4 Merge pull request #2706 from bhcleek/golangci-lint/failures
      8708d8daba update CHANGELOG.md for #2713
      582796994a Merge pull request #2713 from drichardson/fix-2712
      f4741a08c9 Set shell to cmd.exe with flag /C before running system command on windows.
      593b8e2c35 lint: add tests for golangci-lint problems
      7d86f18877 lint: specify which linter's messages are to be filtered
      d418151332 lint: update golangci-lint handling to report compiler problems
      d698de4a29 Merge pull request #2705 from bhcleek/test/vim-8.2
      d86826fd1e update README.md with a section on contributing
      83a65fb736 build and test againt Vim 8.2
      13a33b0675 doc: fix terminal tag
      4f47808b43 update CHANGELOG.md for #2660
      ccb265a3ff Merge pull request #2660 from igrmk/skip-private
      ea431dc372 update CHANGELOG.md for #2696
      5693974d24 Merge pull request #2696 from bhcleek/gopls/defaults
      ccac4bce7c update CHANGELOG.md for #2703
      d2aa3527b2 Merge pull request #2703 from bhcleek/lsp/no-same-ids
      f46bfed842 lsp: handle some null arrays
      a086b60909 update CHANGELOG.md for #2699
      90b0b28386 Merge pull request #2699 from bhcleek/mappings/go-def-type
      b5405bcbc9 mappings: add missing help for newish mappings
      bae7d9b341 handle vertical modifiers correctly
      6c147b2d0d allow additional command modifiers
      3481b593f0 make conditional buildtags work
      fdb828407b implement vim8 terminal functionality
      16911da6ca tags: document g:go_addtags_skip_unexported
      8f7d7e6fe4 cosmetic
      4939c79d40 rename flag go_addtags_skip_private to go_addtags_skip_unexported
      d2666bbfc5 add documentation for new go_addtags_skip_private option
      e5d6960ab9 add new go_addtags_skip_private option
      57ee7595d3 lsp: use gopls defaults by default
      b686094cef update CHANGELOG.md for #2695
      88d88571b6 Merge pull request #2695 from bhcleek/config/complete-unimported/enabled-by-default
      077d67d442 config: enable g:go_gopls_complete_unimported by default
      9b34b29fcc update CHANGELOG.md for #2692
      a9b2bb0827 Merge pull request #2692 from bhcleek/rename/command
      462257ae83 rename: use the correct variable to execute gopls
      3d4f148832 update CHANGELOG.md for #2686
      d66f327636 Merge pull request #2686 from bhcleek/complete/no-gocode
      e2395b7b22 update CHANGELOG.md for #2690
      e0224b42ea Merge pull request #2690 from bhcleek/config/rename-go_debug_breakpoint_symbol
      7bb3bec9eb rename g:go_debug_breakpoint_symbol
      bd2e839a0b update CHANGELOG.md for #2676
      fd1477d735 Merge pull request #2676 from louzp/master
      9adfd0bd7b Merge pull request #2674 from oalders/fix-typo
      4032fe716b Merge pull request #2685 from bhcleek/lsp/latest
      311ea9dbbe Merge pull request #2688 from abeltay/update-readme
      184a888f1f Update README to new GoMetaLinter
      061cc207fa complete: drop support for gocode
      804c8db75f update CHANGELOG.md for v1.22
      891f391c58 plugin: use latest gopls
      59e14ba3fe Merge pull request #2683 from bhcleek/lsp/debug
      605cd6b40d Merge pull request #2684 from bhcleek/lsp/v0.2.2
      9cfc2fc2a2 plugin: pin gopls to v0.2.2
      5e8617e176 lsp: identify debug port message correctly
      7c1e962dee config: remove whitespace
      076091f88e doc: edit documentation for g:go_debug_breakpoint_symbol
      614d342aa5 Add debug breakpoint symbol config, And add documentation for the new config value
      be73eeb632 update CHANGELOG.md for #2672 and #2678
      144ce8dd76 Merge pull request #2678 from bhcleek/util/highlight/multi-line
      ed5a4defdf util: text property end_col calculation
      28c944721a Fix typo in docs
      025af24e79 Merge pull request #2672 from bhcleek/lsp/bdelete
      5aef4ff74d lsp: delete lsp buffer autocmds on BufDelete
      0aeb9e5648 Merge pull request #2669 from bhcleek/gotest/lsp
      c54c86c8f1 gotest: cycle files for gopls after setting cursor
      cd996e4a35 update CHANGELOG.md for #2667
      c8683b5563 Merge pull request #2667 from bhcleek/lint/errcheck/syntax-errors
      e131dbe3ff lint: handle Go syntax errors from errcheck
      8b60f95bdf lint: add test for errcheck with compiler error
      82376e0b49 minor refactors to some tests
      e1f168e4f6 Merge pull request #2666 from igrmk/documentation-small-fix
      7a56fd7f23 small documentation typo fix
      52a1ac97b0 update CHANGELOG.md for #2663
      2760cd697a Merge pull request #2663 from bhcleek/prop-ordering
      d5ef8ec059 update CHANGELOG.md for #2662
      bd6341559c define text property types in syntax/go.vim
      b5ae1493b7 Merge pull request #2662 from bhcleek/prop/remove
      0d43f711c8 util: work around prop_remove bug in vim < 8.1.1035
      d15b85a710 update CHANGELOG.md for #2652
      4c5464a348 Merge pull request #2652 from bhcleek/text-properties
      e427e96dfd util: use byte2line to highlight when possible
      38da4fb228 refactor clearing highlighting
      aeee359d7b refactor highlighting to use text properties
      2ec5ad43c3 register text properties for highlighting
      810e4b9faf update CHANGELOG.md for #2649
      59088fd518 Merge pull request #2649 from bhcleek/lint/no-failure-progress
      5eaa306800 lint: do not echo on failure
      f7d0d82cbc update CHANGELOG.md for #2646
      b1872d94d5 Merge pull request #2646 from bhcleek/lint/failure-messages
      3fb831015d lint: update progress with failure messages
      ee2071d8e6 update CHANGELOG.md for #2643
      22928f28d7 Merge pull request #2643 from bhcleek/gopls/diagnostics/clear
      00787d9d9c Merge pull request #2644 from bhcleek/gopls/default
      2dfd13ab63 lsp: simplify default lsp instance
      c4377cd924 clear matches when a buffer is removed from a window
      ae7b7ea6dc Merge pull request #2642 from hogedigo/patch-1
      3f80994f4c fix typo
      393807eb84 update CHANGELOG.md for #2640
      7f0d635f96 Merge pull request #2640 from bhcleek/config/gopls_enabled/test
      6baebfbfc7 Merge pull request #2641 from bhcleek/doc/rename/gopls-warning
      a50a0b095c doc: remove obsolete warning
      77611d2860 update CHANGELOG.md for #2638
      13a899a8ec config: add a test for go_gopls_enabled=0
      46459ee73d Merge pull request #2638 from skanehira/fix-open-error
      a179cf927d add default value at newlsp for #2637
      412778027b fix #2637
      5f2a478647 update CHANGELOG.md for #2630
      83634c4fd6 Merge pull request #2630 from bhcleek/issue/gopls-version
      d2c0ec4b54 update CHANGELOG.md for #2632
      2db252a0c2 Merge pull request #2632 from bhcleek/doc/faq/function-not-found
      772421987a doc: update unknown function FAQ answer
      18fedb94c4 issue: include gopls version
      b1b9a1b0d4 update CHANGELOG.md for #2627
      2debac85fd Merge pull request #2627 from bhcleek/snippets
      185720d528 snippets: remove rew snippet
      e433d67a93 update CHANGELOG.md for #2612
      d30be89569 Merge pull request #2612 from bhcleek/lsp/analysis
      9d912c9d90 Merge pull request #2626 from bhcleek/lsp/debug
      39dfc11809 lsp: adjust the regex for getting the debug port
      a469939504 lsp: add g:go_diagnostics_enabled
      b095c563ff lint: make gopls diagnostics visible
      9262f08002 lsp: add support for staticcheck analysis
      f4c8ba9cee lsp: default state handleResult to a noop
      48773caf0b lint: correct a typo in a comment (is -> isn't)
      0e33a2334d update CHANGELOG.md for #2624
      6e92983ca0 Merge pull request #2624 from bhcleek/lsp/placeholders/expansion
      345050380f install latest version of covimerage
      9cd7495c2f lsp: handle completions with placeholders as snippets
      51e9f40e8d update CHANGELOG.md for #2623
      18cd29a118 Merge pull request #2623 from bhcleek/snippets
      ce9140075f snippets: add some snippets from #2455
      8e6fcae371 update CHANGELOG.md for #2615
      ba85eb8384 Merge pull request #2615 from hoenn/master
      16f5cdc0cc update CHANGELOG.md for #2618
      ee51371226 Merge pull request #2618 from bhcleek/rename/rename-config
      df4fde2839 rename: change command config variable name
      c74d4de7cc Refactor vet cmd construction
      bca5f56b46 Merge pull request #2616 from bhcleek/doc/link-options
      622bf7e0e8 doc: remove link notation from options
      20fd5f6e51 update CHANGELOG.md for #2613
      c640518339 Merge pull request #2613 from hdonnay/master
      be9535c2b7 doc: clarify the example for b:go_fmt_options
      7b4fb73b73 Add build tags to GoVet, surface vet invocation errors
      106edc862b Merge pull request #2614 from ian-howell/update-docs
      084bb3e6bc Remove docs for defunct g:go_metalinter_disabled
      e63b2cb459 fmt: respect buffer-level go_fmt_options
      d27aa72b20 Merge pull request #2610 from bhcleek/lsp/completion/placeholders
      4699dedfb4 lsp: use g:go_gopls_use_placeholders to register for snippets
      09a5a51fbd update CHANGELOG.md for #2609
      581d1b732d Merge pull request #2609 from bhcleek/referrers/lsp/fix
      9e676a5257 referrers: fix handling of the gopls case
      2a37642747 Merge pull request #2606 from bhcleek/impl/tests
      3dfc4ab1b2 update CHANGELOG.md for #2605
      87780c14f3 Merge pull request #2605 from bhcleek/lsp/disable
      0911de061e impl: expect new TODO comment
      e3a0e1ead2 lsp: add an option to disable use of gopls
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-go
      git-subtree-split: 0906172085c35e02436027efb29491b2cc021dd4
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      update config with things i've been using lately · 374fdfb4
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      fix devroot
      sgr mouse mode
      move bells up to global config
  4. 23 Nov, 2019 15 commits
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak/' changes from 5b670df362..24e6c3f4cd · 305c079a
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      24e6c3f4cd label-mode: disable third-party conceal chars #244
      27cc3ce0fd doc: None instead of Normal for disable highlighting #241
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak
      git-subtree-split: 24e6c3f4cd6004e2b44e4022dee0260aba6132aa
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Merge commit '305c079a' · fa535b28
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Merge commit '27e0ffc2' · ff636904
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp/' changes from 2e773fd8c7..44c8e24956 · 7426961a
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      44c8e24956 Merge pull request #526 from paulodiovani/bug/arrow-key-tc
      44640a578a Fix arrow keys when using true color config
      6bca8770a0 Merge pull request #516 from ishitaku5522/master
      0628989df5 fix error when F5 is double pressed
      fead770c40 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ishitaku5522/ctrlp.vim
      4e662c9814 fix typo
      1d34ecd34f remove comment out for debug
      8559967e3e update for neovim
      30dd01a21d fix g:ctrlp_user_command_async
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp
      git-subtree-split: 44c8e24956d7dcfee3ee6083a0573fed31d136ed
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      Merge commit '7426961a' · 68d06a8b
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Merge commit 'ca44adf3' · 43ceba63
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-speeddating/' changes from ce2f1aae9f..fe98cfaa7e · ca44adf3
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      fe98cfaa7e Change vmaps to xmaps
      da8253ba5a Add sponsor button
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-speeddating
      git-subtree-split: fe98cfaa7ea9c4b838d42a6830437c919eb55b4e
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      Merge commit '06a78761' · 3663066c
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-abolish/' changes from b95463a1cf..7e4da6e780 · 06a78761
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      7e4da6e780 Remove debugging variables
      468af51458 Add sponsor button
      3c7f939bbc Fix invalid sid expression
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-abolish
      git-subtree-split: 7e4da6e78002344d499af9b6d8d5d6fcd7c92125
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-surround/' changes from ca58a2d886..e4c4cc0f81 · e7863ce8
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      e4c4cc0f81 Add sponsor button
      fab8621670 Fix for "all" and "insert" "virtualedit" in Insert mode
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-surround
      git-subtree-split: e4c4cc0f816515fbb7e87076a988604b2d163daa
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      Merge commit 'e7863ce8' · 29c6b37d
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Merge commit '07b21eab' · b580c146
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-repeat/' changes from 0b9b5e742f..c947ad2b6a · 07b21eab
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      c947ad2b6a Add sponsor button
      ae361bea99 Add vim-radical in the plugins list
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-repeat
      git-subtree-split: c947ad2b6a16983724a0153bdf7f66d7a80a32ca
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive/' changes from 4da9fb8f43..13fdeb5fa7 · 755f065e
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      13fdeb5fa7 Don't show bogus unstaged changes in bare repository
      3936a74584 Reset scrollbind/cursorbind after reblaming
      a2d76c4583 Fix completion of stash@\{<Tab>
      fd029d83bf Add built-in package management installation way
      0004f585fd Don't use arrow notation for unstaged modifications
      b24f98fbb1 Cache fugitive#Head() to minimize statusline IO
      8c84ea6fdb Replace --no-patch with -s for Git < 1.8.4
      1e57d678ba Add PayPal donation link
      f6acae50ea Improve robustness of status --porcelain=v1 parsing
      0356edf6b8 Optimize away log calls in :Gstatus if no upstream changes
      e8c5b604db Improve robustness of status --porcelain=v2 parsing
      b09c5d2523 Resolve symlinks in configured work tree
      395d947644 Force --no-edit on squash maps
      0a77016ef5 Disable signcolumn during Gblame (#1379)
      06e34204af Fix error message on blank buffer with no Git dir
      427ac52d7d fugitive.vim 3.1
      8c29bf1bb9 Tab complete > arguments
      ea818f1fab Include PowerShell in check for win32 shell
      698065596c Fix incorrect script id (part 2)
      28abadcb84 Fix incorrect script id from nested function call
      a3ba0ca67f Fix status diffs broken by missing sub attribute
      973d814e26 Rudimentary support for diff maps for submodules in status
      a21ca7e86e Support X for submodules
      f779b90fbd Add --porcelain=v2 status parser
      80aa8a9aea Fix reverse blame jump for the boundary edge case
      c9cf1b3cb2 Make remaining buffer commands global
      cfdfc1ba14 Clearer error message on attempt to delete directory
      5eeb7625df Expand status file lookup into nested structure
      4f0905e963 Preserve line number on :Gedit with no or > argument
      f72ca2e6c1 Improve ++opt +cmd handling for :Gedit/:Gread
      621ffb087a Fix :'<,'>Gclog on some Vim versions
      24b463b5b3 Support REVERT_HEAD and CHERRY_PICK_HEAD
      eedfd2a570 Don't show tags warning when editing commit message
      ab26e9fdb3 Trigger User FugitiveChanged on events that change repository
      fee14c149c Don't reload status on non-Fugitive ShellCmdPost
      540d8024c2 Force status reload on commands likely to change it
      9c91766118 Vim's `redraw` can change v:shell_error
      6eb5d8e4b2 Fix buffer local commands
      0cf70ab9fc List pagure plugin
      80ef19665a Fix typo
      18893e8ca7 Use more conventional quickfix event type for :Ggrep
      1b292303c2 Encapsulate doautocmd <nomodeline>
      c1244ea7d0 Default to left, not right split for empty :Gdiffsplit filename
      eec184e8b0 Fix blame help maps
      417b3bb818 Fix off by 2 error staging multiple files
      edd054f76f Fix visual mode exclusion for staging on section header
      37088aaf65 Fix X on removed file
      1d8c0a38b2 Show first parent diff for merge commits
      f5a94cbc81 Reload status after Vim :terminal command
      dc413818a6 Fire ShellCmdPost after :Gpush
      2cf584f97d Remove redundant jump when opening :Gstatus
      26f6037de6 Reveal folds when using jump maps in commits
      35f1095f9b Expose completion helpers for subcommands
      f5fc469c0c Ignore blank buffers in fugitive#Statusline()
      cb66611f03 Remove blank buffer FAQ entry
      49287b6e87 Remove redundant autocommands
      ec918b9a79 Support blank buffers
      ff0eeac045 Document disabling global maps
      eb04d8bcc0 Standardize on "maps", not "mappings"
      2d0df5842a Fix `:Glog`
      1937bc3cd9 Experimental support for blank buffers
      d2837b103c Add sponsor button
      10c54dfc93 Set b:git_dir for :terminal buffers
      40bc5aff18 Make universal maps global
      68da9a2be3 Make :Glog and :Ggrep global
      804957a3e6 Make :Gbrowse global
      cf88ce96c9 Make :Gmove and :Gremove global
      2464b0c29a Make :Gcd global
      77a732c97c Explicitly document :Git subcommands
      64d106dfdd Remove fugitive- prefix from command help topics
      c9d4ea7900 Always use Git style path for <C-R><C-G>
      99ad1a89fa Relocate 'path' adjustment
      2eb6aac0c4 Adjust warning wording
      c80ffaf073 Don't override user :Gr
      63a05a6935 Remove 'tags' support
      522d3d3c1e Make edit commands global
      b8c33aa0a1 Enable edit commands to work without git dir
      39f9e2d722 Move IO functions with rest of API
      a45e2c6d57 Provide :Gr as alias for :Gread
      5042fd965d Tweak :Gedit > semantics
      251eda7eb6 Reduce fugitive#buffer() to stub object
      c212d854d5 Accommodate git-blame revision ignoring features
      082a9b99e7 Remove double word in docs
      c13e0e1afd Don't browse to blob for empty buffer
      b97a9abe29 Provide global :Git and :G
      410e17129d Use :Git not :G for visible maps
      3a01f4b819 Remove toggling behavior of :Gblame
      f04a2275db Remove feedkeys() contortions in :Gdiffsplit
      b714adbc51 Fix q deprecation message
      9abe962c9d fugitive.vim 3.0
      b6bbb17e3f Expose IO functions as object
      9dcf1d7d81 Document important API functions
      a510b3aadf Deprecate :Gstatus q
      c63fd1b71b Support a...b as notation for merge base
      e768806266 Remove obsolete Git object examples
      f29298880f Provide FugitiveGitPath()
      2b6199594a Use FugitiveVimPath() to normalize directories during detection
      fd7b5d8a1e Rename s:PlatformSlash() to FugitiveVimPath()
      e759a85486 Provide separate highlight groups for file sections
      85ffe4754e Remove dead code
      c242cb6369 Provide maps to find similar diff lines
      ff058bf5b7 Fix diff after :Gwrite
      ed6f4256fc Change work tree buffer on :Gwrite exactly once
      1c22b69652 Remove dp map in blobs
      52f71a3154 Follow renames on :0Gclog
      fdbcad0624 Allow expanding merge conflict in :Gstatus
      bbd9afe790 Provide map to close diff buffers
      f2ca0e43a1 Give s:MapEx() more intention revealing name
      25581bf775 Support discarding multiple changes in visual mode
      e69a3ea21a Add nested to reload status autocommands
      442d56e23c Fix :Glog
      cb613ca05d Fix :Gdiffsplit with diffopt+=vertical
      d6f7eaf16c Compensate for 'noequalalways' in merge diff
      b6dbe402e8 Fix :Glog with diff.noprefix set
      86c276d629 Fix version check for doautocmd <nomodeline>
      22e9b26075 doc: prefer https url
      2518ef9a02 Map double click to jump to file
      bb82255490 Add :help reference to README
      a8163625f8 Vim automatically sets cursorbind for diff buffers
      7079d0c7e2 Convert all FugitivePrepare() int arguments to buffer names
      4f51d99f44 Encapsulate shell escaping user arguments
      c972b2a065 Fix :Ghdiffsplit with diffopt=vertical
      cf9ef7377f Don't process modelines after :Gwrite
      45ca1eab83 Use platform slashes for :Gcd
      a80b965d0d Remove legacy support for /relative/path
      03361373b1 Fix :Gstatus U map
      6a04e875f8 Provide diff maps in blobs
      557cc74141 Fix syntax error
      b887de5ce2 Don't reuse blame buffers for Gstatus edits
      6cc52a1aab Fix extra bang in diff maps
      faa895239b Clean up gitdir file parsing
      6eb885c017 Always diff against parents in :Gdiffsplit!
      308e4bf241 Fix temp file gq shadowing blame gq
      7d484eaf52 Use s:Map() for nearly all maps
      34bfcd471b Fix error generating command for :'<,'>Gblame
      1d2821f91e Clarify :Gstatus p behavior
      53e5e61afa Emphasize :Glog behavior change
      1359d620eb Force <nowait> for all generated maps
      5defa72b81 Provide count on blob blame maps for --reverse
      c21736dde7 Jump to file not diff for boundary commit in :Gblame
      11691b38bb Allow :Gblame ^boundary to use scrollbind
      69bf0e3469 Accept commit.. :Gblame argument as commit not filename
      e7c2563288 Remove bang variant of :Git from README
      c0ce201c3b Remove :Git --paginate from docs
      49b777ae44 Use rev-list in lieu of log with raw format
      f33a53bceb Remove debug
      16bfd4fa92 Fix offset jumping to patch on :Gblame --reverse
      8038ee60a9 Fix -1 effectively canceling --reverse
      08a9a45dbc Support :rightbelow Gblame and other <mods>
      0a7ffc5d67 Use descendant when jumping to patch for :Gblame --reverse
      0392f64a93 Make :Gblame a proper subcommand
      d1033e756e Cleaner error on -z command failure
      79b1f16a7a Delegate :Git grep to :Ggrep
      03710a877a Use same window for commit message on :0Gcommit
      b4d40abb10 Use lower case for subcommand declarations
      3ca888470b Expand diffs on :Gcommit --patch
      4460aeffdd Use temp buffer with man filetype for :Git help
      078210c718 Use temp buffer for :Git show and :Git stash show
      d417fd3199 Move blame buffer settings to FileType event
      4daa0c558c Support nearly all git-blame flags
      7686b7dc5c Support blame.blankBoundary with Ignore highlight
      68f0cb87a9 Don't require <mods> for vertical/tab blame culprit maps
      9ca6e0c633 Remove q from :Gblame documentation
      97e993611e Highlight blame --score-debug and blame -c
      54f155218a Remove duplicate b:fugitive_status initialization
      c7e3df5283 Provide some commit --reset-author maps
      bc3d36e559 Remove 'guioptions' workaround
      8227503714 Open :Gstatus for :Gcommit -i and :Gcommit -p
      f0acf3e883 Show dirty submodules in Unstaged section
      a09e49d2bb Support :Gblame --reverse
      cce9ca0933 Move select temp file configuration to BufReadPre
      0a536ed5af Don't unnecessarily change ":verbose set scrollbind?"
      9420d05ddd Eliminate b:fugitive_blamed_bufnr
      6db7120c9a Don't double set temp options on blame buffer
      4a42d4e21c Encapsulate retrieval of blamed bufnr
      206b54a147 Retool :Gblame close map
      1260de3b7d Fix :Gread blobhash
      9d36dc2d74 Check for built-ins with .exe extension on Windows
      0db4ceb980 Restore press enter prompt in :Ggrep in GUI
      95c1f1525d Fix accidental utility invocation on `:Git complete`
      cfca94c723 Expand simple aliases in :Git
      edae34e02f Fix count with jump to commit section
      d7172882b7 Add default core.askPass to :Gpull
      511e32114b Swap gu and gU
      0cc3beeae9 Tweak commit for u rebase map
      0484c03c6b Allow :Grevert --abort/continue/quit
      9d77fd566c Add Git dir presence guard to all commands
      35d7590354 Provide s/u mappings on commits
      c4d4986f1e Delegate :G command to :Gcommand for 8 commands
      fb9acc6831 Add a FAQ entry about remote passwords
      81eec879a4 Update :Gstatus description in README
      14effe7bfb Mention :Gpull and related commands in README
      15fe543508 :Glog isn't that exciting
      bd70719f54 Provide :Grevert and :Gmerge mappings
      0f08b0cbbb Provide separate file/hunk jump maps
      35cf80dd3b Fix :Gbrowse with range and blame.coloring enabled
      dffa56c4ea Retool section jump maps
      9ac6a258d6 Fall back to "commit" line for file hunk jump maps
      e5a6a8c525 Support jump maps in visual mode
      875a58c2e1 Document :Git --paginate
      3f417d7ad1 Enable fixup/squash maps in :Git log
      2b757e87d5 Disable modelines in temp files
      5af58f9da1 Fix a typo in the docs
      4c0dbb66eb Always use temp file for :Git diff and :Git log
      9118ed27c3 Add -addr= declarations
      291cf5d1bc :0Ggrep calls :Glgrep
      928e1e71e7 Document :Git --no-pager
      b9c47cec52 Add command dispatcher
      21991bcbaf Eliminate redundant :G and :Git implementations
      665cec73d9 Provide :Grevert
      d54e98bedb Remove overlooked 40 character limits
      0ab2d9709c Preserve cursor position after staging last untracked file
      7df9f07e1f Compensate for blame.coloring
      fb3c603ce6 Always use temp file for :Git --no-pager
      44ade58ed5 Always use :terminal for :Git --paginate
      881d72f1af Preserve index on cza and czp
      f3dde245b3 Map I to :Git add --intent-to-add
      a3ab24f681 Fire synthetic QuickFix events on :Ggrep
      bd89fd440b Fix error message for rev-parse
      3c4ad5ff72 Avoid unnecessary diffing in :Gstatus
      fff24e29e6 Add czA and czP aliases for cza and czp
      0810dcc805 Fix typo
      3b0f68180f Compensate for bad 'shellredir'
      49f3f92fd5 Guard against inadvertent :| invocation
      645406f592 Use :Gdiffsplit! for diff maps
      7bfce97480 Provide misc :Git mappings
      3e9ef9349d Remove error guards for old object syntax
      881ad1ed0b Guard against missing output on :Gcommit success
      ebc3f35575 Require bang to :Gwrite from index
      79566b5ddd Don't override alt buffer on :Gwrite from index
      d90e912e46 Provide ignoring maps
      2bfb6e9889 Reverse inline diff mappings
      b92de0138d Provide rudimentary stash mappings
      d95cc5f8c2 Remove :Gedit HEAD and :Gedit refs/... special cases
      55cb58cd5f Add :Git add --intent-to-add to :Gstatus P
      ce283cbdbf Remove i special behavior on section heading
      994d1b518f Remove --intend-to-add from :Gstatus i
      d88a0f8465 Fix :Gstatus X in visual patch selection
      54bc4ab9dd Improve error handling on :Gstatus X
      15df3f8959 Do what the user means for LANG= in g:fugitive_git_executable
      1fe6202848 Fix :Gbrowse assuming range
      a152894a55 Don't rely on exception message for :Gbrowse - error
      8a693fb7bc Restore :Gdiffsplit :n
      80996c2e2c Map c? and r? to show commit and rebase help
      238a5d8aaf Map U as :Git reset -q
      76bd7d6cb4 Map gr to jump to rebasing section
      ac97fa3781 Use terminal for :Git fetch/pull/push
      6e2310a154 :Gstatus called from status window forces reload
      387cb5c2a0 Clean up error reporting on :Gwrite in diff
      8d584c199a Fix escaping for :Ggrep '#'
      adba9c6345 Provide core.askPass default
      d68efa32e8 Document parentheses movement maps
      b0de6c2811 Fix :0Glog another/path
      e25a214f78 Add an error about LANG= in g:fugitive_git_executable
      ea26a94bde Consistently position cursor on :Gstatus
      3d305c75a0 Don't print current line on :G|chainedcommand
      68b999bfd0 Remove <C-W>C map
      58b2b85c9e Only check bdelete mapping in normal mode
      07661dc102 Provide additional commit maps
      2992275d8e Don't load first quickfix result into status buffer
      d8acfc35c7 Clarify in error message that :Gbrowse handlers are user installed
      0ee0498b88 Filter out warning on :Gedit master@{2.years.ago}
      469a73f3d9 Speed up :Ggrep
      a1b78969f5 Decouple :Glog from :grep
      158ffdbb14 Extract function to create titled quickfix list
      f83072703b Remove debugging variable
      4c650c699d Don't require shell quoting for colons
      dafb994c92 Remove unused function
      8c80cb63e2 Fix E211 handling in :Gmerge/:Grebase
      dbdc947533 Fix <CR> as :Gblame map
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive
      git-subtree-split: 13fdeb5fa7f464266163f405f42322e6fb0d3067
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