1. 09 Oct, 2021 29 commits
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      Merge commit '1689a564' · f1751205
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-swap/' changes from e52ff679c..9358bfdc5 · 1689a564
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      9358bfdc5 Test fix
      46be0dee4 Built-in execute() is not available in a old vim
      79900d4ad Fix #17
      e75fb91c4 Sort numbers as number
      f363ea636 Fix a problem with several commands after <CR>
      91d8e3048 Tiny speed tuning
      699b7492c Merge pull request #11 from itchyny/improve-readme-en
      1b8e7bd46 Improve English in README.md
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-swap
      git-subtree-split: 9358bfdc5e377aa13e7c2c2dd8699ba32b0dcf83
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      Merge commit '4ee4ebd7' · 590eb420
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/undotree/' changes from be23eacb2..1cc3b9069 · 4ee4ebd7
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      1cc3b9069 Update README.md
      271c56586 Merge pull request #127 from maniac-en/patch-1
      96e23db1b Typo fixed
      7ccc45618 Instructions for vim built-in plugin manager
      101edfb79 Merge pull request #126 from develduan/master
      120ab41ff Fix set undodir, use dedicated syntax
      da7aeb3dc Merge pull request #124 from kaldown/master
      e67291e94 Fix set undodir. Add script to create dir if no exists
      1dce5c869 Merge pull request #123 from kunzaatko/master
      c7890727d Add: add the option to help TOC
      534935e54 Add: documentation for TreeVertShape
      b2172d734 Add: substitution of | for TreeVertShape
      3626b90c2 Add: global variable TreeVertShape
      9ceb50062 Merge pull request #119 from jmembreno4194/master
      dcd6550d4 Update README.md
      475c2e7fa Merge pull request #118 from jmembreno4194/master
      28a3bd9d3 Update README.md
      4d3f4571f Update README.md
      8170d1289 Update README.md
      1a4bed5b5 Merge pull request #117 from yhu266/master
      6d5ec8dbb Add option to disable cursorline
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/undotree
      git-subtree-split: 1cc3b9069e4356efd4ce1c3c4bdbb227fb54e1e5
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      Merge commit '9623aa5e' · 122a8ccd
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak/' changes from afe94543b..95374ad3e · 9623aa5e
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      95374ad3e label-mode: remove highlights on fall-through
      b999e0a21 doc: change to sneaker emoji
      51c21ee1f sneak#to: fix errors/imprecisions in comments #272
      9e2b501b1 fix: make skipfold actually move the cursor #276
      65e5e4668 fix tests for "nudge after label-mode" #181
      7d82982e3 nudge after label-mode #181
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak
      git-subtree-split: 95374ad3e4b5ef902854e8f4bcfa9a7a31a91d71
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      Merge commit 'be620023' · 53693c54
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1/' changes from 9d52746c3..26a75886c · be620023
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      26a75886c Named switches and Control Chars (#49)
      21d8d9a9d added vim-plug instructions (#47)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1
      git-subtree-split: 26a75886caef937bfad4201d5478571a992984c2
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      Merge commit '4b7314a4' · bf3dabd5
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      Merge commit '9af034a6' · 7bab73f4
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete/' changes from 5c18aacf0..fc2d22c23 · 9af034a6
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      fc2d22c23 Improved fix for Undefined variable: words
      f80bbf8f2 Improve error messages
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete
      git-subtree-split: fc2d22c23962290cc0b32f50bf18add6a4573bdf
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      Merge commit '9e072e4c' · 77d4c850
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp/' changes from d93d97813..f68f4d00b · 9e072e4c
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      f68f4d00b Fix readme.md
      971c4d418 Merge pull request #561 from obcat/restore-line-prefix
      5b0966814 Restore line prefix
      3866ae170 filter with wildignore
      bfa0436b7 Fix escaping
      9bf37a46d Pass argument
      a60964799 Add flag to BuildPrompt.
      eb45a526b Merge pull request #559 from tsuyoshicho/fix/help-20201005
      ae7dc88bd Fix lazy update value rule
      58629feda Merge pull request #557 from ctrlpvim/optimize2
      6a5e98dc9 Fix indentation
      ac10753ce Optimizations using get(dict, key, default)
      87334a5e7 Optimize s:usrign
      4bd98bef6 Optimize susrign
      1cdc7095a Optimize s:usrign
      6b36e50c1 Optimize fnesc.
      ae5237f8e Check readdir with options
      427e30099 Merge pull request #552 from ctrlpvim/readdir
      eb94567a9 Fix modeline
      8857c1725 += is faster than add()
      5ecbc77d5 += is faster than extend()
      d70e769d1 Do not let for extend
      41ff61bb3 Optimize formatline
      764b0eaca Optimize s:strwidth
      44cd3e8d3 Optimize mixedsort
      864146a68 Use extend
      1a5d9c6e7 Revert previous change
      317eeb791 Ommit updating message
      695dd59c8 Use extend()
      bdbde8d27 Optimize codes
      1a8da4b09 Cosmetic changes
      d4b4f7012 Implement link
      7f9739e74 Retab
      575146739 Use readdir instead of globpath
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp
      git-subtree-split: f68f4d00b9c99d0d711bfde3b071f0dafd249901
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      Merge commit '877f6c86' · 292de975
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-speeddating/' changes from fe98cfaa7..95da3d72e · 877f6c86
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      95da3d72e Ignore mswin.vim CTRL-A/CTRL-X overrides
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-speeddating
      git-subtree-split: 95da3d72efc91a5131acf388eafa4b1ad6512a9b
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      Merge commit 'b7b45ea2' · c6a7f0c2
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-abolish/' changes from 7e4da6e78..3f0c8faad · b7b45ea2
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      3f0c8faad Allow escaped delimiter in substitution string
      2b866c894 Include ag matching
      cd7d107b7 Add support for ripgrep
      68bc80c88 FIX: Duplicate nmap should be vmap instead
      1329f888a Use getcurpos() to properly set curswant (#93)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-abolish
      git-subtree-split: 3f0c8faadf0c5b68bcf40785c1c42e3731bfa522
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      Merge commit '8cd396dc' · 133d4b6c
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-repeat/' changes from c947ad2b6..24afe922e · 8cd396dc
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      24afe922e Rework error return to prevent off-by-one in Ex mode
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-repeat
      git-subtree-split: 24afe922e6a05891756ecf331f39a1f6743d3d5a
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      Merge commit '1bf8b4f7' · 4cdd8180
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive/' changes from 1da7c133b..b540332a3 · 1bf8b4f7
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      b540332a3 Improve parallelism of status buffer with earlier diff
      ae93dbea2 Ensure jobstart on_exit runs when waiting
      bcf7478e6 Make status buffer diff retrieval asynchronous
      a67854368 Collapse all status buffer diffs on :edit!
      e2883a542 Support reload on custom chmod and unlink events
      194d63da4 Restore laziness of status reload after write
      dd39902e3 Minor performance improvement to global map definition
      7e483dc60 Show overflow sections as 255+ not 256
      1213953ab Fix default remote in fugitive#RemoteUrl
      7b05afd54 Add experimental behavior for X on commit line
      915c05072 Fix :GBrowse - destination
      142a0dc0c Fix wrong variable name in fugitive#RemoteUrl()
      135264689 Extract helper to parse fugitive#RemoteUrl() arguments
      e1d382b3e Fix resolution of scp style URLs
      3d67d23f4 Normalize path when parsing remote URL
      f02217b77 Avoid repeat config retrieval in :GBrowse
      12c40427a Separate remote resolution from URL reassembly
      bb89a7a49 Invert flag for lazy initialization
      a67e1f818 Try to avoid interference by $GIT_DIR and $GIT_WORK_TREE
      27abc3f1b Respect 'splitright' instead of 'splitbelow' for :vertical
      67c4c031f Support jump to diff from :Git log --name-status
      79a6a1941 Fix typo
      ba52c2b44 Make RemoteUrl() option parsing a bit less convoluted
      529311cec Fix check for wrong executable
      5f387d478 Fix FugitiveRemoteUrl('origin', FugitiveConfig())
      5be8263f1 Override GPG_TTY to prevent terminal garbling
      1651cd7f2 Extract helper to determine PTY availability
      630ecc8c3 Use --filters in cat-file whenever possible
      e2927fb46 Force current buffer number for FugitiveStatusline()
      1a652c0cd Tab complete :Git ++options and --options
      6b1d90251 Support lazy initialization in statusline indicator
      bb4d1dd9a Eliminate internal use of FugitiveCommonDir()
      b6545ad38 Fix inconsistency when scrolling :Git! preview window
      be0abe0b2 Standardize <mods> handling for quickfix commands
      02eb2e871 Fix typo in error message
      404c3c24e Use new tab for --patch maps
      ed6b45a81 Drop unused args parameter from :Gcommand implementations
      6f07d7e6c Make initialization lazy
      8c243a7f0 Provide User FugitiveEditor event
      0840f001f Avoid error when mapcheck() and <unique> semantics differ
      8d25dd777 Fix pedit map in :Git -p grep
      d488a7090 Add >/ and >:/ as work-tree version expansions
      2a53d7924 fugitive.vim 3.4
      2e395fa45 Provide FugitiveDidChange()
      46404ad93 Enforce 'autowrite' in all subcommands
      2f3cd4715 Remove :Gcgrep
      90ef74fdd Fix :Git difftool on Vim 7
      ebc7ddac6 Fix :Ggrep on Vim 7
      8bdbbf88a Change :Gstatus to error stub
      ef8e771b2 Document ++curwin
      a7d224bfd Support :Git ++curwin blame %
      46a438705 Change :0,1Git blame to split by default
      3d30a2a6d Expand ~~ as cwd
      254cc8e81 Tab complete !bufnr
      5b0a4af8f Improve fallback go-to-file in temp buffers
      b96e1a396 Update :Gpush FAQ entry to mention :Git!
      a5d997fe8 Pre-expand argument when completing Git objects
      8920453f5 Return full ref name on FugitiveHead(-1)
      2016ce1db Fix check for maps disabled by dictionary
      2b3721902 Fix check for -addr=other on nvim
      9ace6c6ac Expand :GMove and :GRename arguments
      4efb697fc Document :Ggrep -q
      97505a4c3 Expand :(literal)./ arguments to use cwd
      3e032f295 Clean up job dictionary entry after nvim job completes
      0d8dc0f31 Add stdin support to FugitiveExecute()
      cabcbc263 Further tweak to direct :Git blame count handling
      404f8a2d3 Replace #ReloadStatus() with #DidChange()
      30bf22445 Fix direct blame maps in short files
      328501d4f Make "q" error maps consistent
      b64c426fd Try :Git for default dispatch in status buffer
      d6e1a57b5 Accept a dictionary in fugitive#RemoteHttpHeaders()
      6b546f37d Better HTTP redirect detection
      dfd7be229 Fix error on :GBrowse remote/branch@remote
      10b44345b Extend :Gdiffsplit zero argument positioning to ">" arguments
      acfcb068e Don't append another filename when expanding ">commit:file"
      6f0ff0ed0 Favor ssh:// URL over scp style when possible
      a6be4a301 Limit size based :Gdiffsplit orientation to no argument variant
      c9aaf7854 Force :leftabove for :Gdiffsplit! with argument
      d523feebe Respect 'splitbelow' on :Gdiffsplit with argument
      4603d7742 Provide :Gdiffsplit ++novertical
      6b7892dc7 Fix edge case in s:Map() short circuiting
      cdf60a312 Provide User FugitivePager autocommand event
      385c0fb4e Use <cfile> not <cword> for temp file "." map
      4f747add5 Support jump to commit in :Git log --graph
      18fd27e2c Provide slightly less bad "." map in temp buffers
      fa5892dca Map "(" and ")" in blame buffers
      46a2f58e1 Provide utility function to expire cached config
      126363be5 Tweak Vim 7 more prompt behavior
      4ff2c8ce3 Disable -- More -- prompt on push/fetch
      5aa8a3489 Directly echo :Git output for a few trivial commands on Vim 7
      ad8c1c80c Work around hostile ftplugin/man.vim
      7e21d414a Trigger FugitiveChanged after writing stage buffer
      09d355162 Don't show "Bare" status for worktrees attached to bare repos
      74b0960f5 Add deprecation warning to FugitivePrepare()
      de02a4ba8 Change deprecated Git wrappers to error stubs
      93174147c Provide FugitiveGitVersion()
      b06ad2a83 Provide FugitiveExecute()
      61e1e9478 Make FugitiveConfig(callback) asynchronous
      b07632a61 Fix :Git merge
      e91d17ddc Adjust User events for fugitive:// buffers
      6dd18b5c9 Support :Git ++curwin
      7c1f2ed18 Move config --list parsing into Execute callback
      8cdb51622 Focus quickfix list after :Ggrep! -q
      5c39cde20 Don't match git grep "BUG:" lines as filename
      f7de229fe Default :Git grep to pager, not quickfix
      1a4552da8 Support :Ggrep --no-index/--no-cached
      22fff8213 Better :Ggrep quickfix patterns
      0bd41bd38 Expand ~ and $VAR in :Git arguments
      490e03c3a Fix line number inclusion in :Ggrep
      06b0bf147 Handle jump to file in :Git -p grep without line number
      bbfbfaa0a Fix command preparation bug
      a41810fa8 Better support for --no-literal-pathspecs
      89ab2d95c Drop Vim requirement to 7.3
      557ef84c6 Improve public API argument order flexibility
      e7d2e8769 Do what I mean for :Git -c alias.foo=blame foo
      5d1a276b4 Distinguish between uses of Git dir
      7c0a7727c Allow FugitiveRemoteUrl(name, ':noresolve')
      baffbd629 Fix config functions with config dictionary as first argument
      e7be4e4af Fix false positive "unknown Git error"
      c7a93960c Fix FugitiveRemoteUrl()
      b5a3775b6 Remove unused keys from :GBrowse options
      1bd77bec7 Include remote_name in :GBrowse options
      39ff394b4 Rearrange fugitive#ResolveRemote()
      57eeed254 Add alternatives to :GBrowse ++remote=
      4e6b7b6ce Don't accept 0 to refer to alternate buffer
      199dbb116 Fix duplicate help tag
      46358f87e Fix U in status window
      7e53b2aef Update documentation for :Git
      66a070ab1 Use :Git --no-pager in Vim 7 to directly echo output
      98039f334 Move FugitivePath() away from documented functions
      05a443cd6 Add unofficial raw argument list support to fugitive#Execute()
      2c6bd3bd2 Improve tab completion for :Git push
      aae36024b Introduce FugitiveShellCommand() to replace FugitivePrepare()
      3125b0764 Fix :Ggrep argument parsing off-by-one error
      f67491659 Eliminate speck of repetition around :Git --no-pager
      b70c10f2b Disable 'more' on :Git --no-pager
      9cf20dbff Don't set $COLUMNS on legacy :! implementation
      2f51a93e8 Fix pseudo-job execution on Vim 7
      fd24cb2ac Add -z to :Ggrep quickfix opening flags
      86a45846f Use :Ggrep -q to eschew output in favor of quickfix window
      e716ebdda Avoid more possibilities for :Ggrep more prompt
      771d1e371 Avoid line echo during jump to file in :Git -p grep
      01e843c21 Avoid :Ggrep interrupt leaving behind result without file
      0cbc28ba3 Avoid -- More -- prompt during :Ggrep
      81f293852 Stream to preview window on `:Git! command`
      e93d45e4c Fix constructing Git shell commands
      eafb44a72 Use jobs for :Git --paginate
      952a49f68 Tweak check for Git in PATH
      9ba2680ad Add special case error for failure to find Git in PATH
      98bd8428b Add optional callback to FugitiveConfig()
      9ab7ac303 Accept Git dir as first argument to FugitiveRemoteUrl()
      286bf9096 Use jobs for :Ggrep
      6c18adaf9 Use jobs for quickfix commands
      9a2299038 Standardize on 'git_dir' as dictionary key
      809efd3f6 Fix :Gedit .git with nonstandard .git dir
      9216210b8 Pass --git-dir= alongside -C for nontrivial cases
      64133cae3 Avoid unnecessary -C when querying Git config
      9b31f4bee Include cwd in fugitive#Execute() result
      40542f1dd Include --no-literal-pathspecs in FugitiveResult().flags
      2039676d9 Respect environment variable overrides when opening terminal
      f047d8250 Improve check for job environment variable support
      2fc1a0017 Accept buffer numbers and dictionaries in FugitiveDetect()
      80e7c63fb Support jump to file under cursor in :Git -p grep
      2d3e83abe Improve git grep argument handling
      b5e7e1ba2 Don't match :0: as line number in :Ggrep
      f3e92c772 Deprecate CTRL-N and CTRL-P
      bec8e7b7c Don't override user maps with removal notices
      6c53da078 Use jobs for all Git execution helpers
      b709d9f78 Avoid shell with nvim terminal
      0b53a4daf Override GIT_INDEX_FILE when belonging to wrong repository
      7a3499688 Use jobs for FileReadCmd
      239089f6e Silently ignore trees in s:BlobTemp()
      f11b80022 Use jobs for calls to git update-index
      56561e47a Use jobs to capture stdout to file
      8e4a677c7 Fix command preparation when no arguments, only flags
      35872c5dc Make prepare functions idempotent
      5853cb0fc Tweak documentation for FugitiveResult()
      b20e4145c Convert exec path to Vim path before accessing via filesystem
      d1970112f Rename #Prepare to #ShellCommand
      371a5062d Separate out flags when parsing Git arguments
      4adf054a3 Fix fugitive#writefile() when staging new file
      19e760483 Use Git paths when passing temp files to hash-object
      dfae8191f Fix FugitiveIsGitDir()
      89c9f96d4 Fix FugitiveHead() for certain arities
      b8ba07f7d Improve flexibility of public API argument order
      f58ac2035 Generalize FugitiveIsGitDir() to check for buffer Git dir
      55382eb72 Fix usage of index()
      2ee6a48d0 Apply insteadOf to raw remote URLs in addition to remote names
      8def00c24 Homogenize calls to private exec helpers
      8082606fd Fix direct usage of fnameescape()
      2dc08dfe3 Rename and relocate s:TempCmd()
      a25d4d696 Fix read command output into buffer with guioptions=!
      2d0f51679 Accept git_dir dict key in FugitivePrepare()
      99e65ce04 Fix error message generation in s:ReplaceCmd()
      ebc828ef7 Minimize use of combined stdout and stderr
      dc579a0df Don't trust git --version with nonzero exit status
      e9f913ff8 Fix error message for system() failure with argument list
      3a5d8c877 Tighten check for PowerShell to match Vim's behavior
      1da2c0242 Add Vim version constraint to new PowerShell support
      7a087725e Encourage FugitiveFind() over FugitiveGitDir()
      24fd3d959 Eliminate use of ":write !"
      058ffa406 Fix determining Git version with custom Git command
      11aee0ba8 Fix incorrect readfile() arguments
      c41751881 Use absolute path to /usr/bin/env
      93f25f688 Fix omitted Git dir argument
      a41329ab7 Get remote URL with config rather than shelling out
      5f8762227 Add methods to config object
      6bacc1039 Decouple s:SystemError() from Git
      d6edaf7a4 Document autocommands
      af5ba43aa Reference plugin file as canonical API documentation
      8b0a40dfa Remove "soft" qualifier from deprecated commands
      8820f3f89 Document FugitiveRemoteUrl()
      7ab4ab979 Document FugitiveGitDir()
      295780c50 Tweak phrasing of FugitiveConfig() family documentation
      07b827747 Move FugitiveHead() documentation to plugin file
      75b2a9a8d Improve PowerShell support with recent Vim
      a7c54990f Don't execute autocmds during :GBrowse with range
      de6495ae8 Better support for ssh config
      58516a13c Support expanding ## as argument list
      1c2663f51 Use :echomsg for deprecation warnings
      b5316d0e9 Avoid stepping on status window in :Gclog/:Gllog
      e9f93be35 Generalize :GBrowse - to all temp buffers
      fd5b55302 Tighten loose regexp
      3e2d53132 Fix error parsing worktree out of config
      4cdeff8c3 Remove unnecessary -complete on command with no arguments
      7412370dc Don't assume unrecognized status headers are refs
      78d41a014 Don't abbreviate :vertical
      957d962e0 Error when core.worktree expected but missing
      f920245d6 Avoid spurious window resizing in :Gdiffsplit
      5551853f3 Fix ternary expression in s:NullError
      b498607aa Don't assume FugitiveGitDir() is actual directory
      0ec3bb2bd Use cwd to find Git repository for terminal window
      d11c90ad6 Save filenames from rename rather than splitting on " -> "
      ca03f1d06 Fix write in index with guioptions=!
      ae6f84adf Handle empty items when null splitting
      8e0a8abf0 Don't capture trailing count as part of section header
      ca0ff578a Move config getter implementation into autoload file
      24d1c6036 Unify location of blame maps
      79e2bd381 Fix pager usage for :Git reflog
      857c107e5 Fix typo
      be9ff95f2 Avoid guioptions=! issues in :Git --paginate
      c26b4b018 Fix shell escaping edge case on win32
      41960996e Eliminate unnecessary redraw to clear up :Gdiffsplit sync issue
      8886d9707 Fix missing bang on function declaration
      f7f1413ed Disable PTY when using win32 Git in WSL
      10ed70a9c Don't call exists() on invalid function name
      9eec18e76 Guard against unloaded plugin in runtime files
      9871822dd Avoid possible hang on failure to start job
      6ae064c5a Tighten match for commit under cursor in temp buffers
      798f65a18 Fix variable reference in s:Remote()
      da8d532b1 Support default value as third FugitiveConfigGet() argument
      bee78a418 Unify use of FugitiveConfig helpers
      28afd1215 Handle quoted strings in g:fugitive_git_executable
      dd01e4010 Use local not upstream branch name for :GBrowse default
      47a07a0a3 Standardize method for disabling foldmethod=marker
      7a75c1855 Fix :Git mergetool line offset
      c926aadfa Fix deprecation error in :GBlame
      0868c30cc Tighten up diff highlighting
      32b0d6266 Hunt other tabs for window on :tab Git
      8f4a23e66 Fix capitalization
      f7a6097ca Change deprecated q and D maps to errors
      b227b887b Replace HEAD with @
      895e56dac Require Git 1.8.5 or newer
      55e9f2f47 Fix README formatting
      9a1dab0b2 Require Vim 7.4 or newer
      f037ce631 Add note about :Gvdiffsplit
      f5451e437 fugitive.vim 3.3
      0365bcd76 Provide FugitiveConfigGetRegexp()
      2165884d1 Provide FugitiveResult()
      4139dc521 Support :Gwrite +aftercommand
      f72ad6009 Only do "guessed" :Gwrite behaviors with no argument
      8686eb17e Fix :Git difftool work-tree paths
      1d00a7392 Fix :GBrowse :/ in bare repositories
      054fca226 Return empty string on FugitiveFind() with no Git dir
      7866e83cc Fix :Gedit /
      503c22f1f Fix status in bare repository
      d4e8c2908 Account for invalid b:git_dir in FugitiveGitDir()
      ae45609cf Proactively detect Git dir if autocommand hasn't triggered
      54cc9d01a Always set b:git_dir
      649cb2dc0 Add deprecation warnings to :Glog and :Gstatus
      47479a6cc Add :Glog and :Gstatus to list of opt-out legacy commands
      94bc89da0 Don't use pty on win32unix
      222c9ccbc Don't trigger BufWrite during :Git blame
      8ede0aaf5 Provide :GBrowse behavior in blame buffers
      3a319cd5b Don't rely on current buffer's Git dir for :GBrowse
      cd8bd3956 Support all <cword> style expansions
      d4d2b9c6b Ignore :GBrowse line numbers for non-blob objects
      485251ec7 Provide "." and "<C-R><C-G>" in blame buffers
      50b57ba40 Fix double "fugitive:" in error message
      b4255d667 Add notices to deprecated lowercase commands
      87b169728 Add aliases for blame "-" map
      f29c9e507 Support :GBrowse {url} outside of Git repository
      81074db0e Pass <mods> along to URL opener
      2ef9d9a74 Use :echo not :echomsg for displaying :GBrowse URL
      ce58344c9 Jump to correct Unpushed/Unpulled section on reload
      e474785ad Handle non-config dictionary passed to FugitiveConfig()
      d3341147e URL escape :command special characters
      1a765a46c Add git_dir key to :GBrowse API
      5a54ea433 Handle race condition closing job stdin
      1d91517cd Don't discard deleted submodules
      c028ea5a4 Add foldtext for hunk headers
      88f50bba6 Press escape to background :Git to preview window
      9bd7c2646 Expand <cfile>
      002ed8de2 Make FugitiveChanged event aware of :Git result
      a1cb01da5 Provide :Gedit - to open previous :Git output
      6b39f6c64 Restore X on submodules
      09cbabe79 Don't trigger FugitiveChanged until :Git finishes output
      258dd1693 Fix undesired line wrap in :Git output
      112310c02 Move edit sentinel removal out of resume handler
      f4acdcc5b Eliminate blank line after resuming from GIT_EDITOR
      f7321f6d5 Allow close callback to run before leaving job wait loop
      00cb68e62 Echo from wait loop, not job callback
      af1a46edb Don't record last job until after completion
      eaee845ab Unify remote resolution
      6860c592a Capture cwd of :Git command
      a12e88bcc Add error message when editing after Vim exit
      0713b84f9 Don't wait silently on :wall with 'confirm'
      93b434949 Don't try to send :Git process CTRL-C when stdin is closed
      7de9b5a04 Retool :Git blame colored commits
      b2195e769 Extract fugitiveblame ftplugin
      5e5ce843e Automatically mkdir when editing .git/info/exclude
      a03444404 Capture exit status of :Git
      64a3f99d0 Pass private job state to s:RunWait()
      9103a738c Fix :GBrowse with no argument
      156dbcd73 Don't set foldmethod=syntax in historical buffers
      133bf406c Accept alternate syntax for :GBrowse remote
      d5d436bfa Tweak default list of paginated commands
      53df837ac Don't complete directories as subcommands
      0205ae8d4 Handle tabs in commit subject
      11b824a0e Forcefully disable colors on paginated :Git output
      857496c32 Unify temp state and job state
      9715dbe19 Replace broken check for nvim 0.5.0
      58d2b2583 Use git --list-cmds= to complete subcommands
      1999aef8c Retool completion of subcommands
      a55d6f39c Paginate :Git whatchanged
      4e285c813 Clean up argument splitting utility functions
      ddea2ecb0 Expand ssh host aliases in remote urls
      10ed587f6 Capture :Git job output to temp file
      04b0b26f8 Fix diff in status buffer
      4ea84b29e Default coo to identifier under cursor in temp buffers
      7bee1113e Don't automatically enable syntax folding in status buffer
      4e85dd342 Revert "Support X for submodules"
      050888555 Don't clobber alt buffer with :Gread
      99fccd08e Make :Gdiffsplit! from common ancestor stage open ours and theirs
      085868812 Don't expand # in :GBrowse http://example.com/#anchor
      91089715f Update env workarounds for nvim
      d70c42aa5 Support opting out of deprecated commands
      563faf95b Remove broken deprecated :Git merge calling mergetool
      d7c2e5081 Partition public and private job state
      39d904051 Avoid :normal during status reload
      e89d22e5d Use unambiguous option keys for subcommand delegation
      d73fe3c19 Fix inline diff expansion when foldmethod is not syntax
      caf2907fd Retool discard operation during conflict
      cc525c99d Fix remaining :Gremove and :Gmove references
      f5bbd4eea Tiny optimization to s:Slash()
      3eb6f316c Act globally when invoking inline diff maps on Head: line
      776ce315c Ensure open folds after expanding inline diff
      e3b7cce2e Feed custom file under cursor into netrw's gx
      10121f34f Remove Git dir checks on FileType events
      f2956a923 Set b:git_dir early in BufReadCmd
      36f9211da End the guioptions+=! reign of terror
      977e3c805 Fix staging partial hunk near EOF lacking newline
      a4a9acf44 Add initial :echo before job
      b962714fc Replace blame shell fiddling with s:TempCmd()
      e704d1578 Fix tab complete of tree objects
      6356bbc4a Fix argument parsing of :Gedit fugitive:\\...
      423aed15f Delete backing temp file upon wiping buffer
      1ccb08275 Rename temp state bufnr field to origin_bufnr
      d0e277c7b Don't try to reuse terminal buffers for status window edits
      4fa53ad32 Add a FAQ about symlinks
      753318ef8 Smarter diff jumping in :Git log
      9cba97f4d Add sourcehut plugin for :GBrowse to README
      601bf2e22 Provide some <mods> handling on quickfix commands
      fad16e502 Better handling of git blame variable width date formats
      6c4c7c9ae Account for closing windows when reloading status
      9e378fd9a Resolve temp name used in :Git
      783ec701f Work around 'suffixes' in :Git completion
      d1e74ac26 Move :Git --paginate helper function into :Git section
      eb4d75efb Fix :Gedit worktree-file
      0a3593700 Provide error message when Netrw can't be loaded
      c63bc47c4 Remove obsolete push/fetch docs
      d6809e9ee Use stderr for in-band job communication
      15f32b000 Guard against diff.noprefix in commit buffers
      22384947a Add Azure DevOps :GBrowse extension to README
      d4bcc75ef Remove dispatch.vim backed fetch and push
      0cc219088 Add deprecation notices to git subcommand wrappers
      4c5f6fcaf Retire old :Gsplit! family of temp buffer commands
      5c821eb78 Don't default to work tree on :Gedit invalidref:file
      8cf0cf5bf Emphasize poor quickfix performance in docs
      bebe504e3 Fix typo in helpfile
      7afa1cfaa Avoid presenting verbose command output as error
      7bcfe539b Avoid window shenanigans if :diffoff restores options
      866ecfff4 Enable Help: header
      e90478511 Restore correct cursor position in commit buffer
      660d2ba2b Fix jumps from blame commits with ignore marks
      1a77f1c00 Recover from deleted temp script
      89e6b5e4e Disable 'swapfile' early
      4189bdb58 Don't override user :G
      e12236b60 Fix reference to renamed function
      12011a475 Disable spell checking while blaming
      8080407ae Provide public diff closing function
      49315d0c7 Fix :Gwrite DWIM in commit messages
      4824b5b3f Avoid empty string keys to prevent Vim 7 error
      511d3035d Fix: digits in a user name was highlighted as time
      260182c65 Support partial staging after git add -N
      9b6a24b13 Fix tab complete for :Git push --option
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive
      git-subtree-split: b540332a3e83024cc447c329e311837e568799ed
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      Merge commit '4682a2ec' · 5787e663
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-snippets/' changes from 75e828ab9..be519f70a · 4682a2ec
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      be519f70a feat(go): update error wrap snippet
      0a2c7355e Change <#!> for </usr/bin/env python> for python snippet
      a44ed4717 Adjust: use python3 default, same as snippets/python.snippets
      1648b3acf Replace ancient form of python props
      89ff07440 add debugging snippets in UltiSnips format
      ef4f418e5 [Python] Handle type hints having ","
      e08121220 modify re in javascript.node.snippets
      9e5219ae9 Allow VISUAL selection in Code snippets
      75309fc96 Fix wrong snippet commands
      95c6f94bd c: add assertions and dynamic allocation snippets
      f1b72d866 Fix syntax error: unexpected end of file
      e77399e64 sh: Add snippets for 'if' and 'func'
      749460bc5 Escape $ in $this->
      7bb2385ac typescript, javascript, react snippets update
      1f94158c8 Update julia.snippets
      8cf32d45f Added Debugger and Infiltrator breakpoints
      35ee2f422 Fixed spelling error
      3cee4da7e Fix vue.snippets "vfor" snippets
      a4b28d4e5 Fix: correct addnarg in snippets/python.snippets
      2a28fc35f Update Javascript "for" loops to ES6+ (let instead var)
      03f7e3395 feat(gitcommit): add build conventional commit
      2b36741d9 feat(gitcommit): add perf conventional commit
      a35c801d6 feat(gitcommit): add improvement conventional commit
      4600da87a Add F# snippets
      20149cfa2 Include arg type in google-style docstrings
      67e506c55 Fix useS snippet in UltiSnips/javascript_react
      44b467fbe refactor(gitcommits): remove whitespace
      7139f123f refactor(gitcommits): remove default body value in conventional commits
      164bc3aa4 feat(ultisnips): add conventional commit snippets
      a8ac81b89 Add the 'autocmd!' command to clean the autocmd in the group
      722754cdc Add the augroup with visual placeholder snippet
      fba34b31a Update html snippet lang from es to en
      d30f65105 lua: Add assert
      24a9bf959 Added cuda snippets
      b1c7ea8ab update verilog.snippets
      117b1df73 Add Initial
      8426857c1 add clstr
      1b687b29e feat(eelixir.snippets): add some new snippets
      adff0bf67 `END` to close an `augroup` should be capitalized
      d6f2d5728 add #refute and friends
      673390c68 C++: not a plain C main
      0c5114e90 add lpc support (#1311)
      29d37483c puppet: new snippets for lamda, lookup and trocla functions
      a7ad28f8f puppet: new type alias snippet
      d43498c94 s/assert_raise/assert_raises/
      6159e8e82 don't default to bad practices
      e25596874 fix semantic errors
      78d6ec6ad avoid duplicate snippet name
      275bfd8d6 Add documentclass snippet with and without options
      d4bd55512 Add maketitle command snippet using mkt
      4391628e3 Add whitespaced snippets
      db2baa3a2 Add visual stops
      f33b8cb6f Include schema fields
      e7a8a3fb4 add inline assembly
      6fe515ee5 - added modern for-loop - added modern printf which adds automatically the needed amount of args
      1289fa6a8 C++: improved modern for loop
      e438b06d5 Elixir snippets
      3e30104f1 Update Rust res snippet for current reference syntax
      0f3d4d187 Add @enforce_keys, @moduletag, @describetag to elixir snippets
      0161732b6 Remove the charset="utf-8" attribute of <script>
      d48c1e2da Update UltiSnips markdown.snippets
      4097e7b27 Update markdown.snippets
      9876c5c82 Add shorter versions of block and extends
      a796be388 Update twig snippets
      4552876fb Fix snipmate/java-snippets snippet
      82b5c90c1 Vim: remove useless comment from `au` snippet
      02cebe2eb Rust: Remove "thread::scoped" snippet
      14892affe C++: a modern for loop
      79d6f53bf Fix error when using box snippet in HTML
      5b2c97d95 created public/private/protected field snippet for typescript (#1277)
      65f083f62 Update Ocaml documentation and comment snippets
      9139051f6 created "public static method" snippet for typescript
      d6efd6f41 Update html.snippets
      afb30df89 Update verilog.snippets
      a2559e14a Do not call external processes during plugin initialization
      87dbbc69a Fix VHDL lib snippet
      11833da5c fix duplicated sum snippet in tex
      2745ce4c3 merged javascript-es6-react to javascript/javascript-react, refatoring and cleaning file
      da78aa197 haskell: pre- and post- dot tabstops on import directives
      78a9ca0fa  fix tabulation into useEffect
      dadcbce7a fix tabulation into useCallback
      db1157c81 add React hooks snippets
      ff0e7f680 ts fields descriptions updated
      854e25e6f added snippet for create ECMAScript Private Field
      8120188e9 method snippet added to typescript with public, private and protected modifiter options.
      ad1a5e609 Move jasmine from default snippets
      37e26c3d1 Fix const arrow functions for js
      10cd51ba6 Additional js snippets
      730443a98 trim() not exist in old version of Vim.
      a0441888b Remove command
      db91ad480 Update logic using https://github.com/honza/vim-snippets/issues/1257
      06fbadd9b Speed up the startup time
      459dcc21c cpp: Adding support for BOOST tests
      5b5cc3650 Correct syntax
      d4c285e8e Set author, email and GitHub address automatically from git config.
      791c72d53 Add const async arrow function JavaScript snippets
      c609efe75 Correct typo in go.snippets
      3805db7f2 ported snippets to snipmate format
      2be9e440f corrected a comment
      7a6f32e05 added a bunch of math tex snippets
      c093074fe Update eruby.snippets
      cbc87fe91 fixed the snippet cs and created the fcs
      a7486b266 [FIX] Tex conflicting snippets for `it`
      f8c88a837 added tex snippets and removed unneccesary newlines
      15f882c00 removed reference to models.permalink decorator as it removed from Django 2.1
      2a273f191 Remove nested snippets from snipMate snippets
      ab8241426 Fix PowerShell snippet
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-snippets
      git-subtree-split: be519f70ab806c290a7b3d2e38fc22da07834052
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      Merge commit '4aed86df' · 88b6df1e
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ultisnips/' changes from e83c82099..53e1921e3 · 4aed86df
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      53e1921e3 Report user errors without backtrace. (#1384)
      399e5d185 Added 'format' target to Makefile.
      8803960a4 Correct dead link in doc (#1374)
      aec91caef Fix reading snippet files with BOM (#1365) (#1366)
      b6c9a814a Too many quoty quotes and missing "the"" (#1363)
      b3fd9022b Add deoplete completion source to the documentation (#1353)
      204b501cc Fix #1339 wrong cursor position in nested snippets (#1347)
      b2902a653 Expand snipMate snippets with 'w' instead of 'i' (#1345)
      c541317ea  Correctly handle escaping backslashes in Placeholder defaults (#1346)
      3e042d25c Enable sponsorship.
      3ccb1a7e7 Use a valid unite kind variable (#1338)
      b974a1332 Expand snipMate snippets with 'i' option (#1336)
      f132fb589 Fix shebangs in the repo to use python3.
      d4330c4a5 Fix race condition in checking vim startup. (#1331)
      fd785d160 Trigger build on pull requests.
      2f865838d Test more Python/Vim combinations and fix caching. (#1329)
      e96733b5d Remove Travis Integration, enable GitHub Actions (#1330)
      66d81fc2c Added CanExpandSnippet, CanJumpForwards, CanJumpBackwards (#1314)
      0e84f61b8 Enhancing the wording of an example (#1309)
      c27095049 Adds g:UltisnipsSnippetStorageDirectoryForUltiSnipsEdit (#1301)
      8554371b5 docs: Update tabstop-generation README (#1272) (#1298)
      b837416c1 Improve b:match_words pattern (#1288)
      e6478871c A trivial change to test travis-ci.com integration. (#1286)
      1f73ab7a9 Fix python 3.8 warning on start. (#1285)
      4104d1ff3 autotrigger: trigger only on new characters insert (#1183)
      23f13ab1c Add description of choice tabstop. (#1224)
      9021e2056 Python 3.5 Compatibility: Fix crash when snippet for current file does not exist  (#1240)
      79b3c2d0d Optimize choices, support space as a terminator for selection (#1261)
      757203288 Add support to escape comma inside choice item by "\," (#1271)
      91911c71d Fix: DeprecationWarning from unescaped regex (#1279)
      fc2baf1fe Update README.md (#1282)
      d3b36cd9b Fix: bug in autojump-if-empty example (#1249)
      a29162222 Minimal typo fix (#1275)
      7941f9833 Fix typo (#1257)
      28c9bed97 Clearer wording on the YCM warning (#1244)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ultisnips
      git-subtree-split: 53e1921e3ef015ef658e540c0aa9c4835f9c18a6
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      Merge commit '14bca0a2' · 0f6458a3
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/tagbar/' changes from d7063c748..b6669c7c9 · 14bca0a2
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      b6669c7c9 Clear old TagbarCleanupAutoCmds before redefining (#791)
      bb8ca482a Highlight key-map options in help file (#788)
      ab6f2d5a6 feature: Add basic Crystal support (#787)
      cd74f18d1 Add JumpToNearbyTag functionality (#780)
      23ea1961b Fix for #784 - add additional option for `g:tagbar_wrap` (#785)
      a0a571491 Add ability to fold/unfold headers on <CR> in tagbar window (#781)
      2da3443f5 Better handling for typeinfo.deffile (#777)
      285afffc4 Fix perl definitions (#775)
      225e6530c Fix for #750 to cleanup files once tagbar window closed (#769)
      19c0078f7 Merge pull request #767 from preservim/contributors
      84afd8e80 Remove open buffer from known files on bdelete or bwipe (#768)
      4265c61aa Include Paypal link to tip @raven42 in sponsor config
      0e832c54a Callout @raven42 as active maintainer
      1919ee66d Update ballpark contributor count
      3fa6c4e26 Add GitHub funding spec, add Caleb's preferred tipping channels
      fd4bc0f0e Add html tags (#763)
      bafd7c51e README: Name the recommended ctags impl first (#761)
      f6012cb65 Improve Markdown and add reStructured text support (#756)
      51ff7a054 Fix CI runs to actually run nvim instead of just claiming to (#616)
      ac8eafc9c Overhaul CI check workflow
      83c573c0e Actually run CI tests using Neovim instead of just pretending
      45581e021 Add new language: CMake (#747)
      77d7ddd68 Split PR review from branch check workflows
      2fb3171ed Fix incorrect example for g:tagbar_status_func (#752)
      7e8aeb697 Use utf8 encoding to read ctags output, fixes #748 (#749)
      7a968502d Fix CJK character decoding problem (#745)
      16f3f9b77 Accommodate packagers with tagged release; using HEAD still recommended
      59eef1364 Correct the name to properly escape out any special chars for the substitution (#740)
      a52610c00 add a new language (#738)
      c7e7d5e56 Escape special characters in pattern searching (#737)
      e6e658273 Add `g:tagbar_no_autocmds` option to disable almost all autocmds (#688)
      2a36ad79a Add TagbarJump (#515)
      6f02f1f85 Add `g:tagbar_highlight_follow_insert` option (#725)
      778d41f43 Improve tag highlighting and signature matching (#735)
      978e1fe76 Fix the problem that the data type was unexpectedly displayed in the C++ destructor's tag. (#734)
      4c1a1a1bc Use universal_newlines for Popen call (#733)
      f8e8f8cfb Add support for frames kind in tex file definition (#730)
      5dd110255 Add support for kotlin type (#731)
      52ec4e03f Feature Request: Ignore anonymous option (#727)
      7cf83a433 Check for tilde in cpp destructor (#732)
      5f912e6ad Add `tagbar#IsOpen()` helper routine (#728)
      eaadf90b6 Add mapping for arduino filetypes (#722)
      b63e8cb83 Merge pull request #638 from jrc2139/dart-ctags
      ed1bbe554 Use the same example hotkey in docs as in README.md (#712)
      9b8619bab Fix typo in help (#711)
      68a77323c Add option for g:tagbar_highlight_method (#709)
      6eadc1505 Add g:tagbar_jump_lazy_scroll option. (#705)
      10a4a9bc3 Add linenr protection into getPrototype (#707)
      53c8e1967 Cleanup the PrintHelp() routine (#702)
      92e2a0c5a Merge pull request #701 from Shane-XB-Qian/master
      7261ab5f9 Update .gitignore
      bd0c32242 Setup syntax highlighting group for tag line numbers
      55b8ffa85 Scoped kinds (#696)
      601b5c007 Add tag datatype (#698)
      99c22f1bb Fix the scrolloff local setting in RenderKeepView (#697)
      30b20fc87 Fix issue with tagbar changing the global scrolloff value. (#694)
      d55c16e87 Add g:tagbar_jump_offset configuration (#695)
      00841836b Add g:tagbar_scrolloff configuration (#692)
      7a54a7d4a Document how to use relative sizes in g:tagbar_width (#689)
      8efec2509 shane: compact tag line# should be good enough if user set it (#687)
      aa8c59220 Help visibility (#686)
      469c4b318 Add g:tagbar_show_tag_count option (#685)
      0d1c6442d Add option to print the tag linenumber in the tagbar window (#684)
      bc48b8b84 Scoped Highlighting (#683)
      2a9270cb2 sq: would mess if set key mapping to '' (#675)
      c26bf78a6 Merge pull request #676 from raven42/unknown-kinds
      877561b72 Merge pull request #677 from diegok/master
      353701eb8 Undone changes on legacy exuberant-ctags types file
      f9012df43 Add missing attributes and methods kinds on perl type
      34a95983e Add protection for unknown kinds Perform a has_key() check prior to referencing the dictionary to ensure the dictionary has a valid key for the specified kind. Note: When an unknown kind is found, it can mess up the tag highlighting in the tagbar window. Not sure why this is occurring.
      0838f3c10 Merge pull request #674 from maujim/feature/compact-option
      05bc912c7 Update doc to reflect new possible values for tagbar_compact.
      f5abcd6f4 Allow more granular control of tagbar_compact option.
      55f3513d1 Merge pull request #669 from joshfrench/add-typescript-mappings
      5fc8a7a20 enumerators -> enumerations
      edb5d15f4 Add typescript mappings for universal ctags
      a1e0e7a57 Hide signcolumn in tagbar window (#666)
      98efae989 vim 7.4 compatibility for variable init (#665)
      609909305 Merge pull request #656 from raven42/large-file-handling
      9e2e5d93b Merge branch 'master' into large-file-handling
      64730d27a Added fsize calculation in fileinfo so better tracking can be used to display in tagbar window
      259b47a69 Fix vimscript snafu from #660, closes #662
      8d1734029 Add g:tagbar_visibility_symbols (#660)
      5339b4e8b Add g:tagbar_scopestrs (#661)
      1caa71aca Merge pull request #659 from raven42/line-wrap
      88be6d9a4 Fix syntax in example text for new option
      22df1b87a Fix for #647: Add g:tagbar_wrap option
      6cb336d01 Update variable name
      14a86de04 Update to use file size instead of line count
      be67ff7ae Add option to not trigger update on large files
      30fb22993 Update URLs to reflect repository migration (Closes #651)
      e1c2c9892 Fixes #650 Correct window positioning defaults (#652)
      e5c864738 Fix issue with jumping to a tag with special characters (#649)
      7dddde55b feat(dart_ctags): add inheritance tags
      5e27cdb70 feat(dart_ctags): create scope for imports for dart, pub. local package tags
      78c161210 refactor(dart_ctags): improve tag order
      29e3cef24 Merge branch 'master' into dart-ctags
      183300ea3 feat(dart_ctags): add tag for mixins
      40413d876 Add user facing function to get tag near line number (#643)
      600fb4255 Correct last contribution that contained an syntax error (#639)
      86b268471 Fix --file-scope option warning (#648)
      bcc32b42b Fix has_key() parameters in  currenttagtype function. (#645)
      a81c01c29 Fix maximized state track on close (#642)
      f52dadd16 feat(dart_ctags): add tags for enum, export, library, part, and part of
      a5090717d Add function tabgar:Update() to manually trigger AutoUpdate() (#633)
      88bdb8632 Remove debug statement left in 4e7e199 causing screen flicker (#634)
      3fe9d8e13 Check for existence of key in dictionary before using it (#631)
      5bb0ef357 Add more flexible options for window positioning (#630)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/tagbar
      git-subtree-split: b6669c7c9de542c53f2d19a806abb7610e9ef813
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      Merge commit 'b2fd1ee3' · d3065476
      Dustin L. Howett authored
    • Dustin L. Howett's avatar
      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-go/' changes from 991197f37..81f8cd0ca · b2fd1ee3
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      81f8cd0ca fix spelling in CHANGELOG.md
      c505edadd update CHANGELOG.md for #3299
      53fe9fe59 Merge pull request #3299 from ixru/master
      2e79e033c Fix mistake to use lcd too.
      2578f7fd4 Merge pull request #3298 from bhcleek/require-fixup-commit-integration
      fc75bfe66 update CHANGELOG.md for #3297
      bc48ce952 Merge pull request #3297 from bhcleek/diagnostics/recurse
      0adf49125 ci: fail when autosquash commits exist
      8544444ee lint: handle patterns in :GoDiagnostic arguments
      abe94c3fc update CHANGELOG.md for #3292
      5165c142f Merge pull request #3292 from oz123/add-go-build-new-style-highlight
      2e3e9f8a9 refactor build constraint highlighting
      153e7cf4e Feature: syntax highlight for //go:build directives
      4a429a0fc update CHANGELOG.md for #3291
      d51c22aaf Merge pull request #3291 from tombell/tombell-patch-1
      08534b247 Update to correct go_metalinter_enabled name
      c34c73a42 Merge pull request #3283 from bhcleek/go1.17
      d9d582d00 update CHANGELOG.md for #3279
      0f93a22a0 Merge pull request #3282 from bhcleek/lsp/fillstruct/fix
      b35aa3969 test with Go 1.17
      6121d7db3 lsp: fix the command for fillstruct
      b8a824ae8 update CHANGELOG.md for #3274
      819cd8ff2 Merge pull request #3274 from bhcleek/completion/early-return
      6e9dec388 return early from CompleteDone handler
      2ee4f84fa Merge pull request #3268 from ehershey/patch-1
      bb61666c3 Make README tutorial link more specific
      32bcf757e Merge pull request #3257 from opennota/master
      9a5ed795a syntax: improve goOctalError highlight group
      d6a58a1ab update CHANGELOG.md for #3058
      18bf81cdd Merge pull request #3058 from bhcleek/lsp/show-message
      353d60e77 update CHANGELOG.md for #3095
      a3daf1e99 Merge pull request #3095 from bhcleek/keyify/gopath-only
      716569aa4 update CHANGELOG.md for #3256
      c7cab1e95 Merge pull request #3256 from bhcleek/debug/print/call
      a754330d4 debug: add support for printing call results
      e32b1a46a update CHANGELOG.md for #3248
      13108b0e1 Merge pull request #3248 from bhcleek/revive
      4fc88921e Merge pull request #3249 from mdvthu/neovim_instructions
      b39ad4e10 update CHANGELOG.md for #3252
      1d5220bcf Merge pull request #3252 from bhcleek/lsp/hover/doc
      446b104c0 tool: remove unneeded substitution from balloon message
      db3b155fb lsp: optionally include godoc synopsis in hover
      ee5cede8a lsp: comment out debug messages
      69113845a Neovim packages instructions
      57e01d258 update CHANGELOG.md for #3226
      3770b1517 Merge pull request #3226 from bhcleek/plugin/install-modules-only
      68fffcad7 lint: use revive for :GoLint
      1cf84930c lint: replace golint with revive in golangci-lint linters
      edd8c160e update CHANGELOG.md for #3241
      749b88280 Merge pull request #3244 from bhcleek/lsp/missing
      e3dae3401 lsp: hookup noop sendMessage when gopls is missing
      696c4a4ef update CHANGELOG.md for #3240
      dae732c71 Merge pull request #3240 from bhcleek/coverage/browser-args
      e01b041a3 coverage: pass test args
      70cd0009f Merge pull request #3236 from bhcleek/doc/go_referrers_mode
      21699ad22 doc: remove go_referrers_mode claim about gopls
      92328dcfa update CHANGELOG.md for #3231
      161bfa587 Merge pull request #3232 from bhcleek/lsp/applyTextEdit/fix
      632e6250c lsp: fix applyTextEdits
      8c883d7f3 update CHANGELOG.md for #3227
      7f4cb8f8d Merge pull request #3227 from bhcleek/tools/latest
      3a3848d79 update CHANGELOG.md for #3221
      dd078165d Merge pull request #3221 from elagergren-spideroak/debug-registers
      5705e6df5 plugin: install latest releases of tools
      aee6ac57e plugin: only install tools in module aware mode
      a624a5021 Merge pull request #3225 from bhcleek/golangci-lint/golint/deprecation
      1d82a1d97 sort linting errors in tests
      b9122fd9e Merge pull request #3224 from bhcleek/gotags
      94bc71bd5 Merge pull request #3223 from bhcleek/golangci-lint/golint/deprecation
      4ee262c4f update README
      4e4f18828 adjust linting errors for tool changes
      daf75a94f Merge pull request #3222 from bhcleek/click-utils
      9ddf74fd2 ci: pin the click version
      048b5f3d7 debug: add Delve register support
      381f73610 update CHANGELOG.md for #3220
      6d39d687c Merge pull request #3220 from qeubar/fix_snippet
      efee50633 Fix t.Run snippet
      05b1cfd9c lsp: remove completed TODO item
      99050db44 lsp: show messages to users
      efc854422 update CHANGELOG.md for #3216
      fc256bed1 Merge pull request #3216 from bluekeyes/bkeyes/fix-hex-error
      7f1128637 Merge pull request #3215 from bluekeyes/bkeyes/quote-path
      e0df1ce2a Fix error highlights for hex and binary constants
      a1f67ed2c Quote usage of PATH in test scripts
      a2f964d0e update CHANGELOG.md for #3207
      2bdb629be Merge pull request #3207 from bhcleek/path/gobin
      885243576 update CHANGELOG.md for #3210
      5db2f402a Merge pull request #3210 from qeubar/new_tRun_snippet
      6cab4ccc0 Add a new snippet for t.Run
      87fd4bf57 update CHANGELOG.md for #3209
      283b8dbd1 Merge pull request #3209 from bhcleek/mapping/go-fmt
      c7d94a6f6 mapping: add go-fmt
      f54d32555 doc: edit :GoImports documentation
      f880367da path: source GOBIN from go#util#env
      01739e7cd util: add go#util#gobin()
      4df6d9a92 doc: update docs for go_bin_path
      3ec431eae Merge pull request #3203 from powerman/patch-1
      0cbf9e1b9 chore: vimrc syntax highlight in ISSUE_TEMPLATE
      fde54ff34 Merge pull request #3202 from bhcleek/lint/golangci-lint/so-tired-of-thrash
      4999df166 lint: fix the golangci-lint tests again
      f3ebf20e2 update CHANGELOG.md for v1.25
      ce95699ef Merge pull request #3192 from bhcleek/test-ordering
      80cecd6de scripts: run test files in lexical order
      e28b4764c Merge pull request #3186 from bhcleek/lint/golangci-lint-grrrr
      2424594c1 lint: adjust tests due to recent golangci-lint changes
      1234c8ff6 update CHANGELOG.md for #3188
      6e097d328 Merge pull request #3188 from alker0/tmpl-angle
      60ef538be update CHANGELOG.md for #3189
      a6739535e Merge pull request #3189 from alker0/tmpl-dot-regex
      4b119aee3 fix!(syntax-template): Don't treat `[[...]]` as template region
      2f0c08b9d fix(syntax-template): Highlight dot-identifier
      bd89f4734 update CHANGELOG.md for #3146
      65c0079b2 Merge pull request #3146 from PaulDugdale/master
      73dac0c21 update CHANGELOG.md for #2986
      0716db250 Merge pull request #2986 from bhcleek/config/gopls
      80d0e38fb update CHANGELOG.md for #3185
      e72ea5cbe Merge pull request #3185 from kit494way/fix-snippet-select
      d05349206 snippets: add a colon after case
      932c34bf1 config: default formatting and imports to gopls
      00c5f2dad Merge pull request #3183 from bhcleek/test-with-modules-only
      2d2b3785e test with module aware mode enabled
      a60ff48be update CHANGELOG.md for #3182
      994315452 Merge pull request #3182 from bhcleek/rename/redraw
      ce69af491 handle rename errors
      21ce0bb7f lsp: redraw before display status messages
      a4769fda0 update CHANGELOG.md for #3179
      baaede26a Merge pull request #3179 from bhcleek/debug/connect
      696613b69 update CHANGELOG.md for #3181
      f075d87df Merge pull request #3181 from bhcleek/lsp/rename
      a902c7cbf rename: rename with gopls using requests
      69680538d Merge pull request #3180 from bhcleek/lsp/text-edit-fixes
      cb769dd05 lsp: apply all document changes
      3e4754fb1 lsp: DRY textDocumentPositionParams
      fe66df205 update CHANGELOG.md for #3155
      46cb570db Merge pull request #3155 from bhcleek/lsp/codeaction/disabled
      458f9ef01 implement :GoDebugConnect
      fbe05b3d8 Add basic GoDebugConnect command
      95c79dcdc update CHANGELOG.md for #3166
      1e6cab8d0 Merge pull request #3166 from dolmen/go.mod-retract
      7d8aa47c7 update CHANGELOG.md for #3170
      2c916aba0 Merge pull request #3170 from bhcleek/debug/localvars/maps-and-slices
      360dcda4a debug: display slice elements better
      da1c97ecb debug: display map keys better
      0cc583cd5 Merge pull request #3169 from bhcleek/go1.16
      65212eeb0 test only against go 1.15 and 1.16
      f93f84d1b Merge pull request #3167 from bhcleek/fillstruct/gopls/changes
      17955710b fillstruct: adjust expectations for gopls
      7cf43064e Add syntax for 'retract' directive in go.mod
      755b498c7 remove TravisCI badge from README.md
      249a8dcd5 Merge pull request #3158 from albertyw/delint
      a38a2b2cf Fix python linting
      08615366d Merge pull request #3157 from mudhoney/master
      eb583ce9c update CHANGELOG.md for #3156
      df8b80de1 Merge pull request #3156 from bhcleek/fillstruct/tags
      9161a9719 fix shell commands debug message for GoRun
      d24b69588 fillstruct: add support for build tags
      dd75bf570 lsp: do not execute disabled code actions
      cb4c622c9 update CHANGELOG.md for #3143
      37aca3ad7 Merge pull request #3143 from csch0/master
      fc367a285 update CHANGELOG.md for #3154
      58bae2b78 Merge pull request #3154 from bhcleek/fmt/format-before-adjusting-imports
      b0814f791 fmt: adjust imports after formatting on autosave
      0efc65f1b Set the gohtmltmpl filetype, even if it already set
      6e1ff49ca Make go-debug-stepout available for debug mapping
      007d9bc77 Merge pull request #3142 from Felixoid/master
      a48bf54a3 Update CHANGELOG.md for #3142
      fa78a1664 Fix go-callers signature
      28f931c7c update CHANGELOG.md for #3141
      7981349b9 Merge pull request #3141 from Felixoid/master
      40454ce3e Fix go-callers plug command
      cf7ff75a3 Merge pull request #3139 from bhcleek/lint/staticcheck/no-explain
      2e9b28eb5 lint: adjust staticcheck expectations
      3a8e3f6de Merge pull request #3125 from patapra/debug-preserve-layout-setting
      2c0c1d9d3 update CHANGELOG.md for #3125
      d68fc4d71 update CHANGELOG.md for #3133
      2b0f1ba98 Merge pull request #3133 from bhcleek/lint/autosave/staticcheck
      f1a8251b9 lint: pass whole directory to staticcheck on write
      9ac9a4337 update CHANGELOG.md for #3128
      c442daf2d Merge pull request #3128 from bhcleek/doc/go_def_reuse_buffer
      9f774f301 doc: remove implication that g:go_def_reuse_buffer only applies to split jumps
      706c73bb3 Merge pull request #3126 from bhcleek/lint/default/staticcheck
      53c7ccc70 lint: make staticcheck the default metalinter
      629cb73aa update setting precedence
      a3682f912 update docs; fix only behavior
      9e38db5cf debug: add explicit preserve layout setting
      9d676ce41 Merge pull request #3123 from bhcleek/doc/faq-syntax-only
      2f6f0c48c doc: add FAQ entry
      976bd9ebb update CHANGELOG.md for #3119
      5626e7029 Merge pull request #3119 from bhcleek/diagnostics/highlighting-correctly
      a39081360 lsp: ignore diagnostics that do not satisfy g:go_diagnostics_level
      512d97d61 lsp: use diagnostic options properly
      dd59bfa19 Merge pull request #3120 from bhcleek/staticcheck/verbose-explain
      5a7328920 lint: adjust expected staticcheck output
      2855115ef update CHANGELOG.md for #3112
      fe7555166 small changes to #3112
      62e44f083 Merge pull request #3112 from reegnz/fix_GoDocBrowser
      d14768141 Fix GoDocBrowser to work with latest gopls
      fa406d940 update CHANGELOG.md for #3102
      9f3116b65 Merge pull request #3102 from bhcleek/filetype/gosum
      4457877cc add syntax highlighting for go.sum files
      069113c1c Merge pull request #3100 from ajaymahar/master
      d20a2d765 Doc fix for g:go_debug_mappings example.Bug #3099
      baaf2d6eb update CHANGELOG.md for #3097
      762256f2e Merge pull request #3097 from delphinus/hotfix/remove-deprecated-param
      19f6413d3 Use the latest setup-go to avoid errors
      251e27340 Use the latest setup-python to avoid errors
      8b1160961 Delete a param that is removed in Python 3.9
      124c6c5d5 Merge pull request #3096 from bhcleek/guru/re-enable
      9448f3f01 guru: re-enable commands
      bc13e0ef3 keyify: disable :GoKeyify except for in GOPATH mode
      3cdd4c874 update CHANGELOG.md for #3094
      96b964a0e Merge pull request #3094 from bhcleek/lint/metalinter/errroformat
      b451a3e84 lint: handle golangci-lint error from lll
      e3d6ada05 Merge pull request #3089 from bhcleek/guru/dead-code
      3f52e5a39 update CHANGELOG.md for #3090
      594ae6bae Merge pull request #3090 from bhcleek/gopls/disabled/messages
      68545b4ab fix error handling when gopls is disabled
      adee6f85c guru: remove dead code
      ea0204b95 fix :GoCallers to not pass an argument
      3dd513546 update CHANGELOG.md for #3088
      aebffac3f Merge pull request #3088 from bhcleek/lsp/callers
      7e2222976 update CHANGELOG.md for #2704
      ab0f3d141 calls: update :GoCallers to use gopls
      9ce65bd94 Merge pull request #2704 from bhcleek/guru/module-aware-mode
      ef2f24b6e guru: do not hookup guru commands when not in GOPATH
      5ae98e007 update CHANGELOG.md for #3083
      bc5f52a6f Merge pull request #3083 from bhcleek/decls/preview
      fd219e502 decls: sort identifiers by name and use preview window
      059dcd334 update CHANGELOG.md for #3048
      9072d91b7 Merge pull request #3048 from bhcleek/debug/restore-all-mappings
      8e7bc4989 update CHANGELOG.md for #3068
      e393e5f7e Merge pull request #3068 from bhcleek/debug-windows-preserve-current-layout
      28f4a963a update CHANGELOG.md for #3081
      296ffe8a9 Merge pull request #3081 from bhcleek/fzf/no-preview
      21f2e127c fzf: improve display
      35ea9acf5 update CHANGELOG.md for #3078
      d2dfc048a Merge pull request #3078 from bhcleek/autodetect-gopath/remove
      d0e94f904 config: remove support for g:go_autodetect_gopath
      96cf06b69 update CHANGELOG.md for #3077
      7e5f8b818 Merge pull request #3077 from bhcleek/gopls/codeAction-prefix
      082785a5b lsp: handle gopls prefix on code action names
      48cca8afe debug: preserve the current window layout
      a5e2535d3 Merge pull request #3062 from bhcleek/run/chdir-fix
      d8a6f8cf4 Merge pull request #3061 from bhcleek/lint/metalinter/gopls/test
      9298bc51b cmd: fix call to go#util#Chdir
      40241bc2e lsp: handle missing values when getting file analysis
      097f0e20f lint: add test for using gopls as the metalinter
      f72028bcf scripts: use assert_report to capture exceptions
      82cbc0835 Merge pull request #3057 from bhcleek/config/diagnostics/disabled-by-default
      13cd6c5fc highlight: adjust tests to set diagnostics level
      18a7864a1 config: disable diagnostics by default
      880394058 Merge pull request #3056 from bhcleek/lsp/ignore-diagnostics-when-off
      556883e43 lsp: restore ignoring diagnostics
      0da52e030 Merge pull request #3054 from WhoIsSethDaniel/diag_requires_lefm
      caa2be567 l:efm must be defined with a value before it can be used
      324942a02 update CHANGELOG.md for #3053
      2c804bb36 Merge pull request #3053 from bhcleek/lsp/module-local-import
      9820ab14f lsp: refactor g:go_gopls_local handling
      bc50df824 lsp: do not add a trailing slack on workspace URIs
      9aa3b8b94 lsp: support gopls local per workspace
      8d5647d71 update CHANGELOG.md for #3052
      798f343de Merge pull request #3052 from bhcleek/lsp/diagnostics/collapse-options
      4e39c7a01 config: consolidate diagnostics options
      15e28237e update CHANGELOG.md for #3050
      9cfe15a89 Merge pull request #3050 from bhcleek/lsp/ignore-warnings
      8f3c032f8 Merge pull request #3046 from bhcleek/normalize-cd
      9d11a67bf config: add an option to ignore diagnostics warnings
      645f81367 update CHANGELOG.md for #3034
      ee81fd187 Merge pull request #3034 from bhcleek/implements/default/gopls
      4af902b2d debug: restore all buffers' mappings
      c5f8e4269 update CHANGELOG.md for #3035
      409ef4cc1 Merge pull request #3035 from kernel-panic96/debug-mode
      7b9a98241 debug: fix tests after proper key mapping handling
      71cd31c83 doc: wrap long line
      2229855ba debug: fix construction of mapping with arguments
      1a6ba2e38 debug: clear vim-go-debug correctly
      733af48ee debug: do not reset s:mappings
      470256cee config: copy g:go_debug_mappings
      0654d3fa0 config: make g:go_debug_mappings values dictionaries
      d5a6624cd debug: remove <Plug> mappings on stop
      8930a383d debug: fix debug mapping name
      6d662b3da debug: unmap debug mappings in restoreMappings()
      b9ab47a9c debug: move mapping functions into debug.vim
      1d1cf95f0 debug: fix unmapping of debugging mappings
      f52298e41 debug: refactor debug mapping handling
      e30ede1f3 doc: update docs for g:go_debug_mappings
      db399f5ce Use the usual vim-go script header and footer
      2702e133f use execute() instead of normal mode command
      fc26226a9 lint fix. Line width
      bf0f9e39b Cleanup. Remove unnecessary testing code
      d3572834a Reformat with sw=2 ts=2
      13f7ea39b Implement debug mode key mappings
      c0abba2eb update CHANGELOG.md for #3047
      6118f6d79 Merge pull request #3047 from bhcleek/debug/halt-mapping
      f057c7707 debug: resolve mapping collision
      ea3a4189d normalize use of go#util#Chdir
      8077af329 update CHANGELOG.md for #3036
      64667fde2 Merge pull request #3036 from bhcleek/metalinter/staticcheck
      24f247c89 lint: add support for using staticcheck as a metalinter
      f3a4ad3c9 correct comments about locations vs quickfix lists
      7173301be Merge pull request #3044 from bhcleek/tweaks
      fe9605e75 lint: add local variable scope prefix
      69a10e937 lint: copy list being extended in test
      584e39151 lint: name test more explicitly
      eb23f8d5c scripts: run vim without swap
      4d6e9ca42 lint: discard changes when editing a new buffer in tests
      b30f25f2e lint: use for instead of while to remove items from list
      2b5c83b67 Merge pull request #3041 from bhcleek/test/clear-messages
      1674afb49 clear messages after each test
      7e789e428 update CHANGELOG.md for #3040
      f337b2dce Merge pull request #3038 from bhcleek/test-fixes
      c6338548a Merge pull request #3040 from bhcleek/lint/status/title
      fae1552e2 Merge pull request #3039 from bhcleek/test/cleanup
      3cb1f1fff lint: fix title for GoMetaLinter
      b039f73b5 package: cleanup tests' GOPATH/pkg
      de1596d98 small improvements to testing experience
      eecce43df implements: use gopls by default
      e8da3621d update CHANGELOG.md for #3028
      e12789711 Merge pull request #3028 from bhcleek/auto-workspace
      27843b8d1 lsp: implicitly add workspaces as needed
      0a9792612 update CHANGELOG.md for #3022
      1e9ba9db8 Merge pull request #3022 from bhcleek/lsp/gofumpt
      91b4e0978 lsp: fix handling of g:go_gopls_gofumpt
      edafec72b update CHANGELOG.md for #3011
      3185344f3 Merge pull request #3011 from bhcleek/debug/testfunc
      4b10781dd Merge pull request #3013 from bhcleek/test/reset-options
      9a2751aa9 test: reset all vim-go options after each test
      571e1757c update CHANGELOG.md for #3017
      b9bef82fa Merge pull request #3017 from bhcleek/lsp/gofumpt/liberal-truthy
      dcc371a04 update CHANGELOG.md for #3018
      c87119748 Merge pull request #3018 from bhcleek/lsp/fillstruct
      4879d4b48 doc: edit documentation of gopls related options
      9578ee2cd lsp: allow non-JSON truthy values for g:go_gopls_gofumpt
      68020c9bd fillstruct: add tests for gopls mode
      74d88bd0f fillstruct: add an option to satisfy fill struct with gopls
      100b4339c lsp: refactor applying document changes
      cfe9995e7 update CHANGELOG.md for #3019
      1990d4f15 Merge pull request #3019 from bhcleek/doc/gopls/options/default
      d375983c1 Merge pull request #3021 from bhcleek/lsp/outout-write-error
      82870ba0d lsp: do not abort when the message cannot be written
      e953d04fa doc: correct  documentation
      09815aad9 update CHANGELOG.md for #3010
      5f29d0e89 Merge pull request #3010 from bhcleek/doc/term-clarification
      02cc64397 update CHANGELOG.md for #3016
      58c741efa Merge pull request #3016 from bhcleek/doc/clarify-json-uses
      424b9ddee doc: clarify JSON uses of gopls options
      b919c60a6 update CHANGELOG.md for v1.24
      c4b857471 debug: add :GoDebugTestFunc
      16e700361 doc: remove inaccurate implication
      9b9b527d6 Merge pull request #3008 from bhcleek/highlight/reenable-test
      fb596329e tests: use empty list for g:go_gopls_options
      c5d6ee940 Revert "test: disable highlight tests"
      908dbaedd Merge pull request #3007 from bhcleek/lsp/test/single-newline-insertion
      85ebd566d gotest: discard changes to existing buffer in load_fixture()
      ee267fdc7 lsp: add test for single newline insertion
      b891cfac0 Merge pull request #3006 from bhcleek/highlight/disable-test
      92195505a test: disable highlight tests
      f4b3faf73 update CHANGELOG.md for #2994
      bf29b7a1f update CHANGELOG.md for #3005
      1bec29e76 Merge pull request #3005 from bhcleek/lsp/gofumpt
      9f1cce944 update CHANGELOG.md for #3000
      97ee5eab5 Merge pull request #3004 from bhcleek/lsp/imports-add-empty-line
      fdd49ada0 lsp: fix gofumpt setting
      cd1641cdb lsp: insert solitary empty lines when applying text edits
      6a1f5104a update CHANGELOG.md for #2998
      fcecfca9c Merge pull request #3003 from bhcleek/docker/go1.15
      4a5065b2d Merge pull request #2998 from bhcleek/highlight/debug/default
      36b52a74f update CHANGELOG.md for #2994
      948a1e106 Merge pull request #2994 from bhcleek/lsp/gofumpt
      bbd544fdf update CHANGELOG.md for #2992
      03cf54e9b Merge pull request #2992 from bhcleek/lint/metalinter/gopls
      8d147f78e update CHANGELOG.md for #3001
      6fa73de36 update Dockerfile to use Go 1.15.1
      aaa1dc043 Merge pull request #3001 from Thanonchai/master
      db3603de7 doc: fix GoAddTags for fixed value
      c0833181c highlight: make the GoDebug highlight group definitions defaults
      c1d68cbd9 lsp: support gofumpt and unknown gopls settings
      5e416f118 lint: set package correctly for gopls metalinter
      f40c2493e lint: prefix goargs local variable
      bf2dd524a update CHANGELOG.md for #2990
      e4ac51707 Merge pull request #2990 from bhcleek/term/reuse
      8253deabc term: add an option to reuse terminal windows
      dd9b914da term: use go#util#Chdir
      c35fd8ec3 update CHANGELOG.md for #2989
      8a4ce0015 Merge pull request #2989 from bhcleek/debug/attach
      ff0d18d42 debug: add :GoDebugAttach
      188884f0e update CHANGELOG.md for #2988
      eeaaabb22 Merge pull request #2988 from bhcleek/no-trim
      9e9479f7f util: do not use trim()
      5dddb29c8 update CHANGELOG.md for #2985
      10cc84982 Merge pull request #2985 from bhcleek/debug/start-again
      263ed1af6 update CHANGELOG.md for #2984
      9dbdd3777 Merge pull request #2984 from bhcleek/debug/clear-godebugcurline
      30ba6fee0 update CHANGELOG.md for #2983
      ed3dc0227 Merge pull request #2983 from bhcleek/debug/halt
      f2320e8ac debug: reset running state
      caea09167 debug: clear godebugcurline when control is returned to delve
      674420aba debug: add halt command
      7c14e8ae5 update CHANGELOG.md for #2982
      3da4a7785 Merge pull request #2982 from bhcleek/plugin/avoid-cross-compile
      6d949b383 plugin: ensure binaries are not cross compiled
      bd56f5690 Merge pull request #2977 from bhcleek/go1.15
      880db0a73 update CHANGELOG.md for #2978
      fa51a843e Merge pull request #2978 from bhcleek/info/warning
      5d3ff2af8 info: remove reference to gocode in error message
      60ad11fca test with Go 1.15
      ef23d90b8 update CHANGELOG.md for #2969
      5ef1c56eb Merge pull request #2969 from bhcleek/doc/config/go_imports_mode
      89d46a8ae doc: fix references to g:go_imports_mode
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-go
      git-subtree-split: 81f8cd0ca270a7f6e3773644e163ac7de263e24c
  2. 19 Apr, 2021 1 commit
  3. 26 Jul, 2020 10 commits
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak/' changes from 98a5c946d6..afe94543bb · 5b6210f6
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      afe94543bb fix: dot-repeat the register used with "z" text-object #254
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-sneak
      git-subtree-split: afe94543bb3bb95ef9ae2a58eebcbc17d69eb304
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      Merge commit '5b6210f6' · 879f7f12
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1/' changes from 2decf51f19..9d52746c3f · 73294c5d
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      9d52746c3f Allow more liberal curly-brace variable names (#46)
      9fdf92846f Fix compiler detection (#43)
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-ps1
      git-subtree-split: 9d52746c3f879aa1aca4deb46edd63823d76d89d
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      Merge commit '73294c5d' · 2aeb8ecc
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete/' changes from 0f83788cb6..5c18aacf03 · c6e55325
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      5c18aacf03 Remove Vim 8.2.1066 support
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/neocomplete
      git-subtree-split: 5c18aacf03e210a23800775bf3585f3735d00a30
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      Merge commit 'c6e55325' · 46adc2ed
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp/' changes from 585143acbe..d93d97813d · fdb4830d
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      d93d97813d Merge pull request #543 from prabirshrestha/events
      e99893b118 fixed NotifySearch
      feca722b3b rename to 'search'
      381fc3098e remove ctrlp#get() and ctrlp#set()
      a9a001d0e1 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      04bd228102 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      d93b53ff5a Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      386012f79b Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      add8c7b5b6 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      3bbdfbe3c0 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      c347749336 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      2f689828ab Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      855b14ceb0 Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      cc3c8977da Update autoload/ctrlp.vim
      869a31c657 undo line changes
      4dc9de3ed7 implement ctrlp#set(lines) ctrlp#get() ctrlp#update()
      c51ecaeef8 add 'change' event and ctrlp#input() instead of 'event'
      32812289cb add e:type == 'init' example
      45b5c4dd74 add createEventContext and notifyEvent
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/ctrlp
      git-subtree-split: d93d97813dc839ef0782302a0debd7c4877f09f3
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      Merge commit 'fdb4830d' · 08b8fa76
      Dustin L. Howett authored
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      Squashed 'pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive/' changes from 0e35c9bbc7..1da7c133b1 · 5b3d4060
      Dustin L. Howett authored
      1da7c133b1 Recommend :Git log over :Gclog
      27a5c3abd2 Trigger OptionSet on automatic :diffoff
      03fa78141e Improve weird :Ggrep --column quickfix title
      f1a75478cb Tighten syntax highlighting for SHA
      0646a53c6b Add Help: header
      d2abfca08f Refactor run loop
      e87fe092a2 Extract s:RunEdit()
      5d32f75289 Fix stash map
      caf3b1d569 Don't default :Git grep to --column
      f17a91d010 Provide completion relative to working directory
      5dfe8581ca Extract :Ggrep/:Glgrep wrapper function
      92ad06f70d Use parameterized Git dir when completing heads
      05bbfcd0dc Remove commit entry from :{range}Glog
      85e2c73830 Favor :Ggrep over :Git grep
      f5391f0bfc Fix race condition resuming job after editor invocation
      53dd9b3957 Encapsulate update-index --index-info
      792f51a58b Leverage Git config retrieval helpers
      a9bf9de61d Move Quickfix section under Git section
      git-subtree-dir: pack/3rdparty/start/vim-fugitive
      git-subtree-split: 1da7c133b109cd329060174a104e325e4d6bcc82
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      Merge commit '5b3d4060' · 1421b293
      Dustin L. Howett authored