Commit 55238017 authored by Dustin L. Howett's avatar Dustin L. Howett

[gotimeout] ephstore makes more sense in gotimeout.

parent 589b51a0
package gotimeout
import (
type EphemeralStoreValue interface{}
type EphemeralKeyValueStore struct {
expirator *Expirator
values map[string]EphemeralStoreValue
type ephemeralExpirationProxy ExpirableID
func (e ephemeralExpirationProxy) ExpirationID() ExpirableID {
return ExpirableID(e)
func NewEphemeralKeyValueStore() *EphemeralKeyValueStore {
v := &EphemeralKeyValueStore{
values: make(map[string]EphemeralStoreValue),
v.expirator = NewExpirator("", v)
return v
func (e *EphemeralKeyValueStore) Put(k string, v EphemeralStoreValue, lifespan time.Duration) {
e.values[k] = v
e.expirator.ExpireObject(ephemeralExpirationProxy(k), lifespan)
func (e *EphemeralKeyValueStore) Get(k string) (v EphemeralStoreValue, ok bool) {
v, ok = e.values[k]
func (e *EphemeralKeyValueStore) Delete(k string) {
delete(e.values, k)
func (e *EphemeralKeyValueStore) GetExpirable(id ExpirableID) (Expirable, error) {
_, ok := e.values[string(id)]
if !ok {
return nil, nil
return ephemeralExpirationProxy(id), nil
func (e *EphemeralKeyValueStore) DestroyExpirable(ex Expirable) {
delete(e.values, string(ex.ExpirationID()))
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