Commit 18b122e7 authored by Dustin L. Howett's avatar Dustin L. Howett

[xattr_darwin] Pass NULL when we have no data in Setxattr.

parent 83a4148b
......@@ -24,7 +24,11 @@ func Setxattr(path, name string, data []byte, offset uint32, options int) (err e
ret, err := C.setxattr(cpath, cattrname, unsafe.Pointer(&data[0]), C.size_t(len(data)), C.u_int32_t(offset),
var ptr unsafe.Pointer
if len(data) > 0 {
ptr = unsafe.Pointer(&data[0])
ret, err := C.setxattr(cpath, cattrname, ptr, C.size_t(len(data)), C.u_int32_t(offset),
if ret == -1 {
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